2017 Fashion; Men and Women’s styles

The slimmer the fit the better in 2017 fashion. In the urban audience, tight fitted clothes, which is what the youth wear are looked down on by the older crowd. Are they haters? Yes they are. Outdated views ladies and gentleman. Times constantly change and with this being the case why would fashion buck this inevitable trend in life? 2017 fashion needs to reflect the social media generation and that is fun, approachable and ready to turn up.

Skinny Jeans – Men



Blue Ripped Stretch Skinny Jeans RRP £40

Courtesy of Topman

Admittedly, when skinny jeans really broke onto the scene in 2009/10, they looked  crazy as they were super skinny. You could see ‘hella’ (a lot of) calf and you were at risk of bursting a testicle in the crotch area, respectfully. Styles improve and so the skinny jeans in 2017 fashion are closer to regular fit than anything. However, like anything in life one situation will differ from one person to the other as your build and swag determine whether clothes look hot or not.

If you have a slim line build then the skinny jeans looks “hurtful”, which is a desired trait!

 Skinny Jeans – Women

If you are a creature of comfort as we mostly are then you may assume that skinny jeans are not the lick to wear as part of your 2017 fashion. However, I believe that regardless of proportions they can be very flattering on the female form. Especially, the high waisted skinny jeans, which I have come across from my cross-section of interviewing females for London Street Style. If you are a slim ting then skinny jeans accentuate those long legs. If you are a curvy ting then skinny jeans hug the booty if you have ASS like that, respectfully!

High Waisted Skinny Jeans 2017 Fashion

Courtesy of Ali Express


Logo Tees/Childhood memory Tees

My man Jeks was sporting a Pepsi Tee on the island and it banged. Keeping abreast with fashion is important to us and Logo Tees are poppin’ in 2017 Fashion. Works for both men and women. Again, you have to have a certain look to pull it off otherwise you will look like a cornball.


Basically, one has to look like the company emblazoned on your tee is endorsing you, which is how you should always look with branded clothes!

Black Mesh Infinity Print Tee RRP £14.99

Courtesy of New Look


Bold logo tees work well. Retro styles are never out of vogue so why not rock a tee with an 80’s/90’s brand. There are too many brands to name and just naming a few is a big disservice. The great thing about fashion is you create your own niche so choose carefully in 2017 Fashion.


Ellesse – This shit is hard! Burgundy on the roads

Courtesy of Lyst


The sweeter the better. The colorways have to be out there by way of unconventional tones. We are big fans of the Fly Asics movement, which originates from a Cam’ron street anthem entitled “La Bamba” off a 2010 mixtape, Boss of all Bosses. The line was…

Sweatsuits, fly asics, coke test, I ACED it

Asics Gel Lyte III “Veg Tan” RRP £54.50

Courtesy of Hanon Shop


Knowing me by now, a section on women’s sneakers from Rams was never on the cards. I wanna see some sex on the legs as opposed to competing with your woman as to who looks more urban. Knee length boots, thigh high boots, evening pumps and shoes with sculptured heels will get you that ASS in 2017 Fashion. It all relates to Panache moves, which was first introduced in Top 5 reasons why London is a great city

Toulon Navy Knee High Boots RRP £70

Courtesy of Dune


This post is far from an exhaustive list but just an example of some of the styles that I am feeling for both men and women in 2017. The underlining message is style and panache. I want to be impressed by a woman’s fashion as the fairer sex are meant to be pushing the culture forward by design.

As for dudes, one has to level up as your appearance is often the only impression you give the outside world, although it is just a facet of an everlasting pallet for me

I am charged. Catch me at the next Fashion Week.


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    1. Thank you!
      Well if you are a female, skinny jeans show off the feminine form and that interests me!
      Regarding fat reduction you might have to holla at Dr Oz!
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