6Lack That Far REVIEW

Ricardo Valdez Valentine is an upcoming RnB singer, song-writer and rapper from Atlanta Georgia. The government name translates to the stage name 6Lack (pronounced Black). The best tune is Prblms, which dropped June 2016 and he is back with That Far. 6Lack, is of that new-age wave, which is a hybrid of Rap and RnB. Atlanta’s 6Lack is gaining rising popularity on the internet (the new streets).

6Lack’s persona is moody introvert

That Far captures this feel with a good melody!

Production – That Far

Singawd produced That Far and from the sheer support on Twitter he seems to be part of the 6Lack in-house production team. The instrumental for That Far seems moody and infectious once 6Lack laid his vocals down. 6Lack remains focused and tells us not to get distracted by the next man. Major key from That Far is to lock in to success and longevity – rhetoric I can co-sign.

Official Audio That Far

That Far dropped today, June 9th 2017 and creates a chilled vibe instantly. With time I am sure we will get a video to this one and expect it to be dark and mysterious – PAUSE.


Plenty more fish in the sea in terms of relationship issues. The current relationship has hit the rocks so it is time to move on.

You won’t get that far
Wastin’ your breath on somebody else
You need to check yourself, yeah

Promoting individualism is another concept that is pushed in That Far, which personally resonates with me strongly. Growing up as a ‘yute man’ (a youngster), I was always aware that criticism for the greats was just part and parcel of the territory. Shit aint stopped me.

How far would I get
If I was sittin’ here thinkin’ about all the shit
That niggas fix their mouth to say?
My baby gotta eat either way



That Far is a good tune and it creates a nice little vibe if you ask me. In my opinion, it was missing the “star ingredient” that previous efforts like Ex Calling and Prblms had. I am definitely still keen to hear what the 6Lack album sounds like as the musical talent is there.



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