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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #3 Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number – Jeks vs Rams Series

Jeks vs Rams Series -Aaliyah Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

max dancing with the stars dating erin This series is shaping up nicely Rams with the first two instalments featuring 2 heavyweights of that 90’s R&B rap wave by way of LL Cool J and Mase. And do no forget those sultry Total vocals. But Rams it is time to take it to the ICON platform with Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.

#3 Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number Video

Esportatori ed importatorià-nelle-opzioni-binarie Srl. Recensioni ed i punteggi Trading Team Srl in Gorizia (Gorizia), telefono 481523879. Indirizzo 8, valico Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number was dropped in 1994 off her debut album which went by the same name. It was written and produced by the other Icon R. Kelly for her debut album of the same name. He was actually the lead producer and songwriter of the album, as well as her mentor, as well as other things of a sexual nature (ALLEGEDLY).  It peaked at a mediocre 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100, however the album sold more than 3 million copies and the legacy is sKrong.

regulated options brokers The story of the song involves a young shorty stating that she has a real “Love Jones” for an older man and that the presumably large age difference “Ain’t nothin’ but a thing”. The power of love is a phrase I often fling around and in this case, love is front and centre with Aaliyah defying social constructs by chasing her man boldly despite her age. You might think that this is controversial content, however if you ignore what actually happened in real life, I can rock with it. We all love empowered confident women.

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Here I am, and there you are
Your eyes are callin’ me to your heart
All you gotta do is knock and I’ll let you in
Then we will feel the passion that flows within
I don’t mean to be bold
But I gotta let you know
I got a thing for you and I can’t let go
Aaliyah Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number Rap up

binär optionen legal This reccid is one of the greatest 90s R&B songs in my eyes as it was the emergence of a young Aaliyah with her phenomenal tone and vocal performance, mixed with the musical mind of R. Kelly’s production and writing. It has those classic R&B elements but it has that edgy 90’s content. It was relatable visibly to the younger generation and lent itself with the fusion with rap that took the urban sound to the top of the charts. Shout out to Aaliyah.

click Rams, over to you playboy.

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