AJ Tracey Blacked Out REVIEW

AJ Tracey is back with his latest cut Blacked Out off the new album Secure The Bag. The West Londoner who is a Tottenham Hotspur fanatic has featured on our platform before with False 9 REVIEW

Blacked Out dropped on July 31st 2017 and has just under 100,000 views in 1 day, which is hella encouraging. AJ has a real grimy flow and the skippy vernacular fits well on the instrumental. I enjoy that AJ is puffing his chest out and staking a claim that he is the top bracket of Grime.

I’m not second but I am top two

AJ Tracey is Blacked Out 

Blacked Out Official Video

If you are epileptic by way of medical diagnosis then you may suffer watching this video. The strobe lighting may make you fuck around and catch a seizure. Blacked Out is high octane energy and the video is no different. AJ Tracey is dropping hella bars on his come-up in the music industry and where he intends to take it. I love the determination on show and the music is lit.

But wait Rams is Blacked Out global?

I am critical of London dons who spray for the sake of spraying and do not display versatility in music. There is no point if you are just going to gas up a demographic of London as your songs have to be on radio to reach the UK masses. If you are not from London you cannot grasp the slang  easily independently.

The new look is to look super casual in tracksuits!

Now you wear tracksuits listening to That’s Not Me
But we all know that’s not you

AJ is talking that talk in Blacked Out. He is calling out wannabe roadmen who wear tracksuits after listening to Skepta’s song That’s Not Me. They are not authentic as they have not gone through the experiences that him and his team have.


Tracksuit grey, black, blue
I was just a hope-filled kid like you
Left ends broke, gotta win, can’t lose
Everyting fresh when I came back through
Saying they’re a road brudda, that’s not true
I’m not second but I am top two
See me in the club with the team
Them blacked out so you know I’ve gotta wear a black top too

AJ is not trying to be political, which is a message that Imperious Entertainment fully promote. Self belief along with work ethic and talent will allow us to continue to excel in life. I am definitely not trying to fit in with people – I prefer to stand out. AJ saying he is not second but top two speaks to that point so that self-belief is strong and relatable.



Blacked Out is skippy and it has a good energy to it, which is a definite plus. Blacked Out may be a tune that will bang in the gymnasium when you are attempting to beat a PB.

Again AJ is appeasing his core audience, which is endearing to say the least.

I am not a hater at all so I am not going to rag him for doing so as that is my opinion. I just want to see more from people who are talented and ambitious, which should make sense especially if I want more for those around me including myself.

Rams Tracey


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