Is approaching women a thing of the past?

Times have changed as we live in the technology age. The rise of smart phones, expansion of the world wide web and the increasing demands of work has ‘theoretically’ reduced the time to socialise with the opposite sex. In combination all three contribute to the booming industry, which is dating apps. Tinder told Newsbeat that they had 10 billion connections in the last few years. That is a lot of traffic.

rick ross iphone

Rick Ross in the song “9 piece” said that he is “selling dope, straight off the iPhone”

Metaphor time…

In the song “Tinder” are you “selling your personality, straight off the iPhone?” 

Let us get into it by looking at both sides of the argument

Yes – it is outdated

The word “convenience” is very strong in this day and age. Nobody likes a convoluted process and with approaching women in the flesh there may be some variables that dissuade guys. These variables can include lacking confidence, being scared of rejection, a low rate of meeting your type and being busy. Now compare that to creating an account and selecting women in your local area. I mean if you can buy groceries, bank and shop off your phone why not use technology to bag yourself a ting.

jay z excuse me miss

It took Jigga a lot to muster up the words “Excuse Me”

The angst in his indecisiveness is surely not healthy – “I say it is not worth it” .. Allegedly!!

Yo Gotti went #1 with his song “Down in the DM” as that is what the market today wants to hear. We are on social media HEAVY so that direct message has replaced “going outside.” I check my phone every 10 minutes or so although I am not checking my DMs.

yo gotti down in the dm

One can only imagine what Gotti’s DMs are saying

Let us not get it twisted you can still get rejected but it is easier to delete your advances off your phone than it is to delete the rejection in your mind – or am I wrong? (I might have to add that to the Imperious quotes)

You can also be “brought through” on a woman through your family or friends. People joke about this but I do not see anything wrong with it. Your girl might have been a strong recommendation from someone you respect and trust. All well and good – but this is still a substitute for approaching a woman yourself. You are removing the variables due to the element of the mutual person.


Still if the person has Fergie’s credentials –

a point in the right direction would be warmly received

 No – it will never go out of vogue

Men are meant to approach and women are meant to be approached – or am I wrong? How many self respecting women do you know who want for a better term “slap it on a man” and what I mean by that is approach the man.  Sure, there are subtle ploys that a woman can have at her disposal but I have been raised to go for mines.

Who loves the chase? Well you’ll enjoy this

“A little bit of mac lip gloss, hair in a bun, well done, looking for a ring I see none,

So I hopped out the coup in hot pursuit to stop and introduce, like I’m Shyne and you? You my destiny”

You may opt for something other than bars when approaching a women. Perhaps dancing is more your flow. A contrast exists between the first “Excuse me Miss” by Jay Z and the second “Excuse me Miss” by Chris Brown. Whereas Jigga was imagining about a future with his intended female Breezy just got to it – by breaking out in dance.

It may be so sweet (it makes my cavity hurt) but at least he got to this young lady in the flesh

Someone once told me all they need to do to approach a woman is “smile” which might sound UNBELIEVABLE but I believe this person. He has those Steph Curry numbers when it comes to his success rate at meeting different women.

jada smile

The smile goes something like this – Jadakiss on the set of “Knock Yourself Out”

Closing thoughts…

Personally, I do not know whether there is a right or wrong answer. There has been a great shift in moving away from conventional methods of meeting women. I am a curious observer to this trend.

This topic is as much as educating me as it is me doing the same for you.


One thought on “Is approaching women a thing of the past?

  1. God forbid for many of us good men trying to talk too women these days since it has become so very dangerous for us unfortunately. Most women nowadays are really very pathetic altogether since their personality is very horrible as well which they have no manors and respect for us men at all that are looking for a relationship that many of us men still don’t have because of how very bad women have changed for the worst of all over the years. And the very sad thing is that many of us good innocent men aren’t to blame here at all either since many women will just curse at us for no reason at all when we will say good morning or hello to start a normal conversation going with the one that will attract us which unfortunately doesn’t go very well for us men at all. It is very unbelievable how the women of today have really changed since years ago when most of the women back then were real ladies and most of them were the very complete opposite of what these women are today. And now the ones that have their careers now are the worst of all since they really think that they’re the greatest thing walking on the face of this earth which is a real joke anyway since most of these women now are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, and very money hungry as well. They will only want the very best of all and will never settle for less since it is all about them now unfortunately. And for many of us good innocent men that should’ve been all settled down by now instead of dealing with this mess in the first place that we never expected at all since these women of today are really to blame to begin with.

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