Are Londoners materialistic?

London is the playground of the UK and a leading global city. The city is the ‘poster child’ of consumerism and I mean that respectfully. Consumerism is defined as the acquisition of goods and services for the benefit of the economy. Imperious Ent. are proud Londoners and have ventured to other regions of the UK, which you must be abreast with by now. The power of consumerism is considerably lessened outside London.


Would I have “left” London if it had not been for this corporate opportunity? …

Allow me if  you may, to open the floor with this topic. Whether you are from London or not, drop a comment and let us know what your answer is.

sloane square

Sloane Square/Sloane Street is the spot if you wish to indulge in consumerism – or am I wrong?

The back-to-back high end designer outlets are plentiful

Materialistic? – You decide

I come from humble beginnings. This has been alluded to in the biography. I am not going to get on my Eminem from 8 mile – as I did not grow up in a trailer park but the past is the past, and it is documented. Now, I have transitioned from “DMX – Slippin” to “Jay Z – Change Clothes.”

My point is most people I know are from similar backgrounds (whether their pride allows them to admit that or not) and I believe this to be true for the majority of Londoners.

I believe the major difference between London and the rest of the U.K. is the awareness that the high life is round the corner from you. This serves as ambition for the youth growing up in the ends. 


A 17 year old Rams dreaming about getting his money up – out here grinding

My wardrobe was light in comparison to other man around me but using more up to date trends:

Do not let the Ferragamo belts or Moncler jackets fool you!

How many people outright own a yard? And if they do, is this yard in Clapham or Notting Hill, just to throw out a couple of names? I’m not even close to keep it ONE HUNNID!

Now, I have attempted to dissect my own bars let me try and dissect yours (if this applies to you). I am sure we all know that one “gas bag” in our circle of friends. The male who was “thirsty” to cop every pair of Nike Air Max 90s or the female that was gassed off retail money at 17 and thought she was Ginger from Casino.


Ginger in the 1995 film “Casino” – played by Sharon Stone

This weren’t you at 17 baby-girl

Outside London, I have met some incredible people, who have kicked knowledge to me unknowingly. People that are happy to live a more modest life, which is admirable as I believe in moderation myself.

They would probably count our latest business meeting in Selfridge’s as an obscene act but that is not because they do not have money. Far from it. They are not plotting at yard in any type of holiday period. You can catch them on the Alps fucking with the snow – and that is not a cocaine reference.


Hang tight Stormzy – this could have been a Umbro tracksuit instead of Adidas but I think in London the mandem would consider that a “par” (a put-down)

Someone once said to me, I would rather bubble in a white tee in the rave or on road than wear a £200 outfit just to impress my friends. I agree. I am not trying to be on my Jason Derulo (“Do you need money yourself to attract a paid woman?”).


The Simon Cowell “white tee” look in 2016 would not stop my moves

So is materialism important?

There are always levels to this. The same people in the ends who ridicule others for not having the latest trending “garms” (clothes) are like fish out of water in other environments.  They will make excuses that detract from their failings but I believe their inability to fit in is due to behaviour and attitude.

The mandem remember when we reached “Mr Wu’s” back in the days and some sharp suited dons were engaged in a heated argument with Grandma Wu and the rest of the workers. Fortunately, there was no China Mac in the back to “dump the steel” over a £5.95 buffet tab!

 china mac

China Mac was convicted for shooting an associate of Jin – (Source:

Closing thoughts

London is the financial district so I can understand the reasons for Londoners being labelled as materialistic. Personally, I would say Londoners are ambitious as opposed to materialistic, and this is what has served me well thus far.

If I am deemed materialistic due to my ambitions – so be it. But I am from the streets, so I know that “what is here today, can be gone tomorrow.”


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