Are we cocky yutes?

Do your Googles. If you google Imperious then one of the recurring definitions is “arrogant” and “conceited.” We both have been hit up by our respective peoples to explain the origins regarding the genesis of the name of the brand. I mean, who gives a fuck, respectfully!

We live in the UK. Everybody turns up by way of social media. Everybody has a nice foreign whip. Everybody owns designer shit. Everybody goes to a paradise island on holiday before returning to their MEDIOCRE 9-5. I say this to say, everybody wants to be cocky.

Let us just keep it one hunnid. Life is a competition. Human beings naturally compete with those around them. As long as the competition inspires rather than destroys then I am all for it. 

We live in the western world, which is the hub of capitalism. Capitalism is a great fucking principle. There have been many forms of this concept by way of argarian through to modern capitalism. One of the driving principles of capitalism relating to the market is centred on competition. This leads to innovation and more affordable prices. Without competition, a monopoly will be birthed, where output will be limited and prices raised as there is no competition. In truth, I could have “spat on” (completed) a higher degree in business management but my talents lay elsewhere.


Iconic picture of Killa Cam. The mentality behind this outfit has to be cocky

otherwise you will just look like a grade A loser!

Just like the head bitch in charge of the rap game, Reminisce, I have a reason for being conceited. I look way too good for anything average.

I have moved like a rich nigga even when I was piss poor as I knew one day my fortunes would change. My mentality has always been rich and my mouth has always been slick.  I am far from pushing an SLS AMG but it is a more realistic aspiration than a lot of people who are reading this right now. Unless, you are on a Blade Brown – and what I mean by that is selling boatloads of cocaine, respectfully. However, the corporation will not afford me this luxury but other ventures will.

ismail swag

I mean .. Look at the way the BOY sits .. You would think I am sitting on £100Ms .. All in good time

Recently, I was bopping through the centre of Cardiff, when I was accosted by three young women advertising Cardiff Fashion Week. In particular, the lead girl had piercing features an a fierce composite.  I was asked if she could pap man on some red carpet at the Oscars type ish. I duly obliged. I proceeded to take off my hat to reveal my hairline as I am not sporting a Memphis Bleek (pushed all the way back to the occiput) type joint. She said it was all good. She asked me to describe my outfit and I went on to use adjectives and colour ways that were befitting of a hollywood stylist. I gave her my direct line to holla at me, for VERBIAGE for the brand.

 Overnight Celebrity might as well have been playing in the background. Shorty wanted to add me to her roster…


The above story would have made most mans week. It was just light work ahead of my night shift by way of the corporation. I didn’t jump on social media and blast off. I just took it all in my “skride” (stride), as it don’t make or break me dawg.

Yeah, I’m cocky. But I know when and how to put it away and I do so regularly throughout my day. If you saw life through my lens I know you would be cocky too. In life more is lost through indecision than wrong decision. Most man spill their guts to me about how inept they are at finding a mate, which is intriguing to me. There is a culture of being shook in the UK. Scared of rejection. I mean, she can either say YES or NO. Confident. Assured. Cocky. Whatever you want to call it I’ll be that.

ismail clothes

Cockiness back in the day

Some of you are going to say I was CHARGED when I penned this post but I came off three night bids. I was TURNT DOWN not UP. I don’t care if people hate on the sidelines. I put my faith in God and humble myself to the creator. Being cocky is just part of my intrinsic DNA. If you know me like you think you do – you would know why.

Peace and love to you and your beautiful children.



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