Are you a side man? – Mr Eazi “Leg Over”

Mr Eazi is a don who has been establishing his name in the Afrobeats realm for a minute now. In 2016, he won a MOBO for Best African Act.

But fuck all that shit, is the reccid HOT?

Leg Over is a smash my nigga! It is the lead single off Eazi’s mixtape Life is Eazi, Vol 1 – Acrra to Lagos. The concept of Leg Over is that man like Eazi is being spun by his chick but he is cool with that as long as she breaks him off too. I mean is that a relationship? Let me know in the comment section BELOW.

Leg Over Official Music Video

When speaking with Noisey, Mr Eazi said of the song:

‘Leg Over’ refers to what they call ‘step over’ in football (soccer). In the song, I’m basically talking about my girl who is playing me, dribbling me a.k.a. doing me ‘leg over’.

I’m complaining about this but also still acknowledging that though I know what she is doing, I’m fine with it as long as she keeps giving me love (my portion). The song was not meant to be a single but once it leaked and my fans caught it, they began doing these Instagram videos calling it #legoverchallenge so I decided to infuse some dance in the video.

She dey see me like a “Johnny Just Come” =

Johnny Just Come or JJC literally means an African who has just arrived in a country like England or America. However, it can also mean an inexperienced person/wet behind the ears/novice or a mook.

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West London group Wstrn have dropped a new song featuring two of the current Afrobeats All Stars, Mr Eazi and Tiwa Savage. It is a smooth summer cut, which I am sure will be on your airwaves in due time!

Mr Ramsi


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