Are you hesitant in life? Do you need to pull a finger out? “hesi moves”

Are you hesitant in life? Do you need to pull a finger out?

Disclaimer; The points I’m about to raise will resonate more with all the egomaniacs out there.

When your living in the UK, you tend to hear stereotypes of how British people act. Some of these include being non-confrontational and not liking to make a scene. Another one that gets lobbed around is that it’s a land of reservation and hesitancy; where every move has to be thought about sensibly. Obviously this all goes out the window after a couple of large ones (or if you’re pissy off Bacardi Dark).


This is a gem #Royalty
This is a gem #Royalty

We at Imperious Entertainment have a disdain for all of the above. The term ‘hesi moves’ applies when your looking really shaky in a certain situation and where your actions (or inactions) stem from uncertainty and a fear to commit.

LOL. I apologise if this is how you feel.
LOL. I apologise if this is how you feel.

Picture this: a football player is striding upfield. He is supported by one of his teammates with only the goalie to beat. His 2 options are to shoot or pass to his teammate. With an element of doubt in his mind, he ends up performing something somewhere inbetween a pass and a shot. The ball rolls harmfully out of play and he is rightfully chastised by the commentary team for spurning an opportunity. This is a classic example of a hesi move and it needs to be chastised in real life also.

Dimitri Payet of West Ham F.C
Dimitri Payet of West Ham F.C

This is THE look. My guy Dimitri Payet has his shoulders raised high and he’s letting the fans know what his name is. Surely life is better in this stance than being slumped over at home fed up that your moving ‘hesi’ and missing out on opportunities.

We’re all subjected to the whole butterflies phenomenon from time to time. But no one really cares about if your nervous or not. People just care about the presentation.

Hesi moves with the opposite sex

If I can speak to the male contingent for a hot second, the fact is that your chances of meeting your ‘dream girl’ is limited if you’re out here making hesi moves. If you’re always waiting for the perfect opportunity to approach a lady your interested in, then you’ll be missing out on a whole load of buses (no pun intended).


A 'plethora of flavours'
A ‘plethora of flavours’. Courtesy of Vogue – New York Fashion Week 2016.

If you’re scared that you’re going to get shut down or that her friends might ridicule you, then you cannot ride any instrumental (i.e you’re limited). Now this might sound like I’m promoting the savage life, but I don’t think that’s what I’m doing (or am I?). If you get shut down, it’s not that serious.

Also for the ladies, the hesi levels are high in your gender too. In 2016, you’ve got to go for your MAN more.You already know that guys need to be ‘nudged’ a certain direction. I’m going to leave that point to your imagination though. This point transcends the initial courting window as well. If you want to commit, go for it playboys and playgirls and go ahead and and retire those boxing gloves.

Hesi moves in your Career

Career moves is a little bit more of a complicated one. There are more things you have to consider, for example, if you are seeded up (i.e a parent). But still, spending all day working in an office when really you feel like a superstar must be hurtful to your soul. Even if you have the right lane for yourself, hesi moves can still stop your progression.

Back in my earlier corporate days I remember a young attractive and feisty female who was very confident on a day to day basis. One day, we all had to give presentations on something very insignificant but it was a hoop to jump through. Her whole persona disappeared in front of my eyes when she stepped up to the podium. Her face was all the way hidden in her notes that she brought up with her. AND THE NOTES. The papers she was clutching were shaking so much from her nerves, I thought she was doing a Rolf Harris wobble board impersonation. I was secretly laughing.

Wobble board antics
Wobble board antics

I’m currently still in the corporate world so I’m going to cut this part short just in case I instigate myself.

Disclaimer – All the opinions expressed in the careers part of this post are ALLEGED and not my own.

To be really honest, Imperious Entertainment was created to go against any lingering hesi moves and to see if all this flagrant talk is of interest to others. 2016 is crossroads year so lets keep it moving.


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