Are you living versatile?

Imperious Entertainment is a brand that is geared towards being versatile – or am I wrong? This is not a joke ting!

Jeks described our brand as inclusive, which is why the promotional posts on our social media reflect our website content. The Primacy Podcast covered a myriad of topics and I believe you will agree with me, that nothing was out of our comfort zone. I described our brand as a dichotomy and in the Primacy Podcast, I told the mandem and gyaldem to do their googles for the Merriam Webster definition.

The sublime and the streets. I say this to say, Jeks and I are extremely versatile in all the moves we make in life – are you? Or, is this not important?

Let’s get it poppin’…

Jewel #1. Chris Rock once famously was describing a soul-mate and said you will never find the perfect person. He said it was hard to find someone who can be thorough all across the board and I agree, which is why my circle is small. The dichotomy he used was real interesting to me as I am a fan of both:

wu tang

Wu-Tang Forever..


Seinfeld Living


Yeah I took it there.

Now I am a proud man of colour with knowledge of self – but I do not subscribe to tribalism. I judge people based on their character not what race they are. Everybody says that (I know) and I ain’t trying to be the new Dr Martin Luther King but I actually practice what I preach. Life should not be like the Wrestling industry in the 90s with stables based on colour – or am I wrong?


Strictly hang with just white boys? – RIP Chyna


Or is everyone in your circle throwing up them fists on some Professor X shit?

Anybody who knows me knows I have a global team on some United Colours of Benneton shit. To be completely honest, that is the way I have been raised from day dot. It seems strange to be from London and “limit” yourself as it is such a big melting pot – but hey what do I know?


Whether you are in your current lane by accident or design I like to find out about the person beyond what is written down on the CV. If you are the BOY in your lane then I commend that. Truthfully, I feel like I could have surfed numerous waves as an alternative to my current one. The tried and trusted saying is “Can you do it on a wet night at Stoke?” A slick analogy but it is asking if you can perform outside your comfort zone. I slid outside London to get mines – by way of corporate cheque. Is this a par?

I digress but everything looks good in slow motion but can you do it in real-time?

Jewel #2. To use a work related analogy an office worker might look good in the standard 9-5 day on some Hernan Crespo style deft chipped finishes. But if asked to work beyond their normal office hours they may be flapping on some flappy bird app shit.


Panache Moves in multiple settings?


Everybody has labels, which they have no control on. Race and nationality spring to mind. Are your interests versatile?

Music comes to the forefront of my thoughts. A lot of people I know do not mess with the Lord Jamar VladTV interviews like I do. Yet they unknowingly subscribe to his thoughts. Can you appreciate different genres? Even within the realm of Hip Hop I do not want to listen to “Nas – The Message” every second of the day. Sometimes I want to listen to “Lil Boosie – I want sex” (Respectfully). Sometimes, I want to listen to some Future House/Deep House.

When I was an early teen I went through a phase where I bumped Motown, Rock n Roll and Soul exclusively. No Hip Hop. When Michael Jordan allegedly said “Fuck rap” in response to the invitation to converse with Meth & Red, I was not butthurt. I found it hilarious. I do not have shares in Hip Hop so why would I be in my feelings. That is his preference and as long as it is entertaining I can co-sign it.


Mos Def in concert – Real Hip Hop

I can easily bubble to Tchami live – Future House

My advice…

Look around. Are you living the same life or are you discovering more about yourself. I know which one I would rather subscribe to.

I got on my life coach shit with this one but Imperious Ent is our own unique insight and perspective. Perhaps, you do not feel me on this one and that is fine. You can check out other posts that we have penned…

Oh yeah. I guess that means we are versatile.

Love to all. Your boy!










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