Avicii Lonely Together (ft. Rita Ora) “Rita’s One Night Stand” REVIEW

Tim Bergling aka Avicii is a Swedish DJ, remixer and producer. The 28 year old is one of the hottest producers in the game and has a catalogue that we respect here at Imperious Ent. Rita Ora and Avicii collaborate on Lonely Together, which is a personal track detailing relationship issues. Lonely Together will feature on Avicii’s comeback EP entitled AVICI (O1). Currently, the song features at Numero Uno on the Official Trending Chart. Expect this to do a lot!

Lonely Together Official Audio


On Lonely Together, Rita is trying to resurrect a ‘dead ting’ (a collapsed) relationship. She is clearly pissy off that liquor and ponders whether a one night stand will ignite that flame. The fact that she “may hate herself tomorrow” is a risk but she wants to get it in with her ex lover.

Back in summer, Rita teased Lonely Together but we were none-the-wiser that it was a song with Avicii. On June 28th 2017, Rita and a song-writer performed this tune at an intimate gig hosted by NOTION Magazine.

These tunes always have zany off the wall, back to Europe themes. Lonely Together tantalises your euphoria. I can’t wait to be in a space where my lover and I are throwing paint over each other. However, when you think about it, I’m already all over mami’s like body paint is. That is a classic Jigga bar for your ass.


Rita is laying it all on the line in Lonely Together, which indicates that the dude she was messing with left quite the impression. Or perhaps, he mind fucked her good so she feels an impulsion to have a “spin off series by way of secret relationship.

I might hate myself tomorrow
But I’m on my way tonight
At the bottom of a bottle
You’re the poison in the wine
And I know
I can’t change you, and I
I won’t change



Lonely Together is a good song not just a good oxymoron. Personally, there are singers such as Karen Harding and Aluna that would have taken this somewhere else – musically. However, Rita was cool, ya nah’mean!

Rams Bergling

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