Bad Boy – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop THE MOVIE

Arguably the greatest RnB and Hip Hop record label of all time is in the news currently. Puff Daddy has released his documentary entitled Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Puff’s movie is available to stream on Apple Music and I have just finished digesting all the memorable moments. Falling in love with Hip Hop in the 90’s the roster of talent in Bad Boy was unrivalled. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is the celebration of the Bad Boy Reunion Tour that took place August through to October in 2016.

Motivation behind Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Puffy recalled a moment in his childhood where he knew he wanted to excel and break the poverty cycle. As a young kid in the warm summers he would look on as his neighbours would cool down in a swimming pool. This mental imprint has stayed with him throughout life as he used that motivation to succeed.

Puff as an intern at the start of his grind!

Self-belief and undeniable talent led Puff to change his fortunes from an intern to a music mogul. Clive Davis the musical mastermind behind Whitney Houston’s success cut him a cheque for $40 million dollars!

Clive Davis and Puff Daddy

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Playlist

The movie Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is 1 hour 20 minutes long and the accompanying playlist is 146 songs, which is an incredible feat.

Bad Boy Ethos

Bad Boy was a ghetto fabulous roster that was the most motivational movement in Hip Hop if you ask me. Puff Daddy shaped arguably the best talent Hip Hop has ever seen in Notorious BIG into a superstar. In life just like Bad Boy I learnt that being extremely talented and underpaid is not a combination I feel comfortable to embrace. Jeks and Rams come from the bottom so how can anyone tell us how to enjoy our eventual success?

Puff in a fur

Puff the comedian

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop displayed some classic Puff put-down lines on his staff members and artists, which add to his legacy. At one point I had to stop the film and crease (laugh) hard.

Puff: I don’t like your energy. Fix your energy. Fix your energy

There is another part of the film where he is listening to an artist sing (I won’t name and shame) and then he tells the singer to stop playing and sing her ass off. He was not happy with her energy either and did not shirk the opportunity to voice this.

Puff: Y’all are acting like y’all singing at some type of Wedding Band or something?



Talent Roster

King of New York – Biggie

Queen of Hip Hop Soul – Mary J Blige

The Pretty Boy – Mase

RnB Male Group – 112

Queen of Raunchy in Rap – Lil Kim

Check it out

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is inspiring for all those who love Hip Hop and appreciate what Bad Boy did for the game. Salute to the OG Puffy for all that he has accomplished.

Rams Daddy


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