Becky Hill Rude Love REVIEW

Hedonism is back in the form of Pop music. Worcester born UK singer Becky Hill is singing her ass off in her latest tune entitled Rude Love. The song was premiered on March 28th live on the airwaves. MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1 segment entitled “Hottest Record In the World” was the launchpad for this tune. Becky Hill first revealed clips of Rude Love on her social media just to entice the fans-dem.

Up and coming UK singer Becky Hill


The tune Rude Love was both co-produced and co-written  by Dimitri Tikovoi and MNEK. I love the transitions in this one especially around the pre-chorus and chorus mark. The head is nodding and this tune is sure to pick up some serious traction over the next few weeks.

MNEK is a 22 year old British singer-songwriter who has is a cross genre artist in the same vein as another talented young Brit who featured in our first ever New Music Spotlight –  Shakka You may remember MNEK from hits such as Gorgon City’s “Ready For Your Love” back in 2014. Since that strong introduction I have been low-key checking for his shit.

MNEK and a “Cersei” ting cutting loose!


“Every time I call you on the phone
You’re with your new girl
What’s the deal with that?
What about me and what I want?
Can’t take it, I need your affection”

Becky Hill is reaching out to her love interest in Rude Love but he is parring the ting. He is with his new chick and she is questioning why he is going on like that is what he was gonna do. Shorty is asking dude, WHAT ABOUT ME? Some of you chicks may be brushing her for being hella open but a relationship is a series of emotions. She needs the guy’s affection, which is currently absent.

“Tell me how I’m supposed to know
When you keep blowing hot and cold
I just don’t get enough
It’s just to rude this love
And I feel that it’s gonna grow”

The bridge in Rude Love provides more insight into the love situation. The dude is blowing hot and cold so he is half-way crooking the situation. You know how we feel about “hesi-moves” – Are you hesitant in life? Shorty doesn’t know whether she is coming or going.



As a stand-alone Becky Hill tune this is a strong outing from her. It was going to be difficult to live up to “Piece of Me” –  House Music but that is cool. Ms Hill has talent and with the right song selection she will blow to be a big name in this industry.

The tune is less turn-up but it seems to be a deliberate effort for us to absorb her singing ability. The tune is in its infancy, only 3 days since its release but it will bubble for time to come!

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