Best song of 2017? J Balvin & Willy William – Mi Gente REVIEW

Mi Gente is truly an international smash with Colombia and France musically uniting. J Balvin is a Colombian superstar and the renowned French producer, Willy William. Without the aid of Google Translator I have no idea what is being said. However, Mi Gente proves that music is a universal language as this is giving me ear-gasms.

Of course, comparisons will be made with Justin Bieber’s Despacito, which has enjoyed huge commercial charting success. My personal preference is Mi Gente as it sounds less jarring on multiple plays.

Mi Gente = My People

Willy William and J Balvin have created a monster smash in Mi Gente

Official Audio

Mi Gente Official Video

Mi Gente is a club anthem. This transcends racial and cultural boundaries. Mi Gente captivates non-native speakers of Spanish and French and makes you want to turn up. An explosion of colour is seen, which fits well with the vibe of the joint. There is even a cameo appearance by Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi.

“Mi música no discrimina a nadie,” J Balvin sings in Mi Gente, meaning “my music doesn’t discriminate against anybody”

Our own art, which is the content and ethos of Imperious Entertainment is inclusive and echoes J Balvin. We are grinding for the world stage – What is the scale of your ambition?

After all, London is a global city, with all flavours that make up this melting pot of people. You can get a trim at the Jamaican barbers, smoke hookah with the Arabs on Edgware Road and party with boujee white women in Mayfair.

Or you could just stay at yard with the same people!


¿Y dónde está mi gente?
Mais fais bouger la tête
¿Y dónde está mi gente?
Say yeah, yeah, yeah
Un, dos, tres, leggo’
(Ay di que sí)

This translates to…

And where are my people?
Move your head
And where are my people?
Say yeah, yeah, yeah
One, two, three, leggo



I definitely dig this tune as it’s HOT.

This is easily in my top 5 non Hip Hop songs of 2017.

Mi Gente may get me swivelling my hips this weekend HEAVY.

R. Balvin





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