Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2 – Do You Care?

Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2 So Beyonce is pregnant again. Shout out to Beyonce And Jay Z for creating a fetus. Did you think it was fly that she had a photoshoot to announce it to the world or do you think marketing your unborn children in 2017 is crazy? We break down Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2.


Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2

So just to clarify, I got love for Beyonce as one of the most powerful artists of all time and her aesthetics are phenomenal too as we broke down here. Before her dedicated fans get to sending hateful messages to the imperious mailbox, know that we respect her agency. That being said, I always find it interesting how these artists promote themselves. She doesn’t even need promotion based on how she dropped her album out of the blue a couple of years back. That hunger to stay on top either coming from the artist or their team is seen a lot these days. Maybe nobody is above exploiting pregnancy; I used to think that was for Z-List celebrities in OK! magazine.

Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2
Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2

Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2 – Am I just a disgruntled hater?

I am a 80’s baby (barely) but I embrace the millennial movement. This is because being that stereotypical digruntled old rapper who hates on the youth and reminisces about how music was great when DJ Premier was impacting the scene with boom-bap beats is lame. Watching the younger generation also is the key to understanding where the world is going and how the masses are thinking. Before we judge them though, let us not go on that the savagery and foolery is not very high in every generation.

I remember when I was in my mid teens when the “Happy Slap” fad swept the nation. When the emergence of video recording on phones hit us, the savages took full advantage of this breakthrough in technology. First was the huge wave of porno clips being watched in the back of classrooms throughout the country. Then, the savages thought it would be hilarious to record random unsuspecting members of the public being slapped up. Of course, like any discipline in life, the stars wanted to shine so this soon got escalated to dudes getting pushed off bikes, and also featured traffic cones being flung. All in all, the coonery is always high.

Happy Slapping Was Real
Happy Slapping Was Real

However, no one is above ridicule in 2017. If you were one of those lost youths who changed their Whatsapp photo to a pregnant Beyonce, you need a timeout and some education. I hope you had your sister or aunt up there when they were expecting. Fair enough, formation was a cool song, and that tune ‘Signs’ is a wave, but stop.


I mean if the Beyonce Pregnancy number 2 debacle triggers a wave of pregnancy photos of empowered females, then I’m going THAT way. Let me know your feelings on this deep issue.

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