Big Boi ft Adam Levine Mic Jack REVIEW

Outkast’s Big Boi is trying to heat up summer with Mic Jack featuring Adam Levine. The party song is off the upcoming solo project entitled Boomiverse. Mic Jack is not the only guest track slated to be on Big Boi’s third album. Other guests on the project include Jeezy, another Atlanta native. Adam Levine is the lead soloist from pop-rock band, Maroon 5. Dude, lends his vocals to Mic Jack. Given the fact that Mic  Jack was performed on Jimmy Fallon, it is clear where Big Boi is trying to take it.

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Outkast members, Andre 3000 & Big Boi back in the day!


Mic Jack is definitely out there in today’s current music climate. Sonically, it sounds like some 80’s inspired funk swagger with sweaty synths, respectfully. Big Boi raps like he is trying to restore the feeling by way of 1988! At first, I found it jarring (annoying) but his shit grew on me.

DJ Dahi of Inglewood California blessed Big Boi with the production to Mic Jack. Big Boi then returned to Atlanta to build it with his camp. In case, you were wondering about the curve ball, Adam Levine, he shares a manager with Big Boi.

DJ Dahi in the lab chopping up sounds

That Coors must make him hella drowsy


Pardon me, but I need to put some more respect on Big Boi’s name – Put some RESPECT on my name! Homie is a 7 time Grammy award winner. Mic Jack is meant to be colourful and full of bright ideas and I think he achieved that. Replay value for me is questionable as it does not create a lasting impression in my mind. It’s just a cool rapper!

Adam Levine with his soft self is trying to throw hearts all over this motherfucker!


Big Boi is displaying mysogny with his first verse on Mic Jack. Homie claims he is above building a chick, which is an interesting rhetoric. Her UCK skills are so profound that he plays on brain and intelligence. Not the slickest thing I heard but on Mic Jack it was a standout.

“I build a bear before I build a bitch
I take her to the mall and fill her with the sugar dick
With the same lips give a nigga sugar whits
Give me brain, so intelligent with plenty sense
I took her innocence, yeah she was turnt out
And by the time I gave her back she was burnt out”

The pop singer Levine came through with a good hook to Mic Jack. This shorty is so nice that she got a brother dancing with an oxymoron in her attributes.

“You’re hotter than July (super hot)
Super colder than December (so cold)
You got me dancin’
The dancefloor tells no lies
Give them something to remember
You got me dancin'”



Mic Jack is a good little song but not memorable enough for me. Undoubtedly, the commercial appeal is there with the feature and the 80’s non threatening sound. Replay value, I struggle to really revisit it though. Radio will dictate this, which is a mad statement as my generation don’t even listen to that.

Put some respect on my name


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