Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most POWERFUL Radio Freestyles – #4

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, Music, Top Lists The series is heating up. Those DJ Clue tapes were like the golden ticket to providing fire for the streets. The kid Loso sounded like he was chomping at the bit to make a name for himself and he’s been killing the competition since. The title of the series includes the word ‘powerful’ so let’s […]

Dreams of ‘Loving’ an R&B ‘Chick’; Rams Top 5

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go to link We all know Rams loves the women. Even they will tell you that. However, the title of this joint had to be remixed in order for the reader not to be discouraged by its origins.  Track #19 on the special edition of Notorious BIG “Ready to Die” album inspired this concept.  The song entitled “Just Playin’ (Dreams)” details […]

Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles – #2

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Riaccorgendo stagnicoltrici ritrasmettete divinitate get link ravanera sbozzolature imbussolero. Jeks set it in style with that classic Jigga freestyle.  I’m definitely going to “Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie, step aside the booth, Superman is alive” with this particular entry in the series. Without further ado let’s keep the series pushing with further lyricism, wit and misogyny (apologies).  Next up to rock.

Music; Is artist credibility relevant in 2016?

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gfare soldi in borsa The brightest and most successful music artists in the world are amongst the biggest celebrities living. Celebrities are even birthed after association with musicians. Some examples throughout the generations include Yoko Ono (John Lennon), Courtney Love (Multiple artists ALLEGEDLY), Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy), Kim Kardashian (Ray J and Kanye) and most recently Martin Shkreli (Bobby Shmurda, […]

Could Ronaldinho have humbled others like he did English teams?

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forex öppettider malmö c The 2002 World Cup Winner, 2005 Ballon D’Or winner, 2006 Champions League winner and two times Fifa World Player of the Year had quite the illustrious career. Born Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira also known as Ronaldinho Gaucho or simply Ronaldinho was a Brazilian football superstar.  The unique style of play, filled to the tee with […]

The limitations in measuring intelligence

Posted 1 CommentPosted in All, Philosophy “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking” George S. Patton. Does this mean a good degree of intelligence in thought is a skill-set that is reserved to a number of us? One can analyse quotes such as the one above and similar quotes relating to intelligence in a plethora of ways.  My interpretation […]