Boxing Day John Lewis

Personally, I love the annual splurge on Boxing Day.  The anticipation to tick off all items on the Christmas shopping list prior to the 25th, is a prerequisite if you are heading a family, by way of parenthood. Boxing Day John Lewis is the one! I love a bargain just as much as the next man. I have mentioned on countless blogs, we live in the western world. Value for value and capitalist ideas dominate.

Now, John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street, is a British staple, and is what I was raised on. When I was a kid I used to enjoy visiting “The Place To Eat” on the top floor for a Christmas Eve meal and not much has changed over the years. Boxing Day John Lewis stems many years and my love for their brand is nothing overnight. I was invested in the brand a long time ago and with family members flashing that John Lewis Partnership Card, 2017 is a year in which I will make my own impression.

Who am I, to mess tradition up?

The Boxing Day Sale is officially LIVE and in a multi-departmental store nothing is off limits. This is not dissimilar to our own brand as our tagline is “We are the culture.”


John Lewis is the shop when it comes to all things Gant. Gant is a legacy and tradition that originates post World War 2, with the big homie Bernard Gantmacher. It started off with shirts, but it has turned into a global beast. One, time for him. With time, Imperious Ent will replicate those who inspired us. The Gant brand oozes class and when it came to my 26th Birthday Celebration, I had to break out the Gant by way of John Lewis.

Imperious Ent introduce you to the new alias “Young Gant”

This is currently on sale. This shirt is powerful music! I would not wear this in the corporate setting as I do not want any of my seniors to catch feelings. The Gant Oxford Gingham shirt with the classic logo to match. Was £85, which is the standard price for Gant shirts. Now it sits at a comfortable £51. A bargain in my eyes.

Gant Oxford Gingham – SALE price £51 .. Niiiiiice!




The Imperious Ent brand is moving and in turn we need the latest technology to capture the fabulous nature of our lives. Earlier in autumn 2016, I was fortunate enough to benefit from a donation from a loyal silent investor. And yes, she was a female. The camera I got was a sexy little thing. I used it to capture my holiday shots in Prague, Czech Republic. Money well spent.

I copped the Canon Ixus 82 Digital Camera with the zoom lens and the HD video feature. On some rose-gold colour just to add that extra layer of panache. It is a nice start up camera before I upgrade to the big boy powerful Digital SLR cameras. In 2017, we need that YouTube money. At Boxing Day John Lewis you can purchase the below item:

Canon Ixus 82 Digital Camera – SALE price £99.95



Artistic shots!

What you need to do!

You need to do the right thing and visit the website! Boxing Day John Lewis, is a move that I am telling you about, to tell a friend to tell a friend.

You can catch Imperious Ent in the Boxing Day Sales. Be on the lookout for exclusive footage and more insight on the day to day traditions of the front-runners when it comes to pop culture in London.

The John Lewis brand is synonymous with class and prestige. If you ask me, so is ours and in 2017 we will be leaving an indelible mark in the world of media. You will be spoilt for choice wherever you choose to shop on Boxing Day. Bargains exist and access to this fire post is another bargain.

Merry Christmas and Happy Sales!




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