Bryson Tiller is back – Something Tells Me REVIEW

Something Tells Me is smooth. Tiller is known as the alias Pen Griffey, which is a play off the MLB star Ken Griffey. Something Tells Me is an attempt to hit a home run. Baseball bars for your ass!

Bryson Tiller in his Pen Griffey clothing brand!

True To Self

Something Tells Me is off the upcoming release True To Self. Bryson has brought through his style of modern RnB fused with soul. Only correct that his last project was entitled Trapsoul. Three surprise releases dropped on May 11th 2017 and Something Tells Me is one of them. Get Mine and Honey were the other two singles on True To Self.

Something Tells Me Concept

Soulful misery! Bryson is singing about his relationship that is coming to an end on Something Tells Me. Dude is reading between the lines and he cannot see a future materialising.

Something Tells Me the end is in sight!


Official audio to Something Tells Me is definitely gaining a lot of attention already. Tiller Gang is the stans that he possesses and they are losing their god damn mind. I’m nearly there myself as this reccid is fucking fire! General comments on Something Tells Me point to Bryson’s mini hiatus. He was one of the stars in the star studded Weeknd joint Reminder

Something Tells Me Production

OVO’s T-Minus is the producer responsible for this mellow-trap-soul instrumental. It should not come as a great surprise as these OVO Canadians are trying it.


Bryson is describing how his lover was taunting him sexually in Something Tells Me. You may ask why? Well he was stepping out the relationship, allegedly.

Laying in the bed and you acting like I can’t even touch you
I don’t know why you do that
Shower with the door open, why you do that?
Drop the towel right in front of me, you cruel

Kylie Jenner will be turning up on Snapchat to Something Tells Me

Did Bryson Tiller hit it?…

Excuses are flying all over the shop in Something Tells Me. Contraception that was bought before the relationship is a new one to me. Stop it!

I’m busy, it’s no wonder you upset with me
You found a Magnum inside of my bag
Don’t know how to explain this
That was in there way before we started dating
This the only music I hate facing, oh



Melodies are plentiful. The replay button is being rinsed as we speak as it provides a nice little vibe. Something Tells Me signals the start of Bryson Tiller season so I am anticipating the album will come correct.

Imperious Entertainment – ahead of the curve as always

Rams Tiller


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