Can I get that McFlurry MEDIOCRE? – Holiday blues

Are you satisfied living the high life on holiday but returning to your life after and feeling unimpressed? I hope that does not happen to me.

Holiday Blues

I’m currently penning this somewhere in North Africa and my tan game is so serious right now.  I have been lacquering on this Aloe Vera after-sun gel HEAVY.. as I should. The movement is so continental. I’ve got my feet up, the stars are all twinkling and that Atlantic sea breeze is lovely. I’m sipping on some mint tea lounging in lilac coloured traditional garments. As a matter of fact, the only link to the western world I’m displaying are my 3 stripe Adidas flip flops (classic). What can I say, Dame Dash’s brash and aggressive outlook on life influenced me even down to my choice of sandal-wear.
Adidas Slides and Socks
Pardon me for getting my Orsen Wells descriptive juices flowing but sometimes you’ve got to paint that picture. One of my friends who I was politicking with before I left London said that a good holiday is one where every aspect that impacts your quality of life is enhanced. So this could be food, weather, accommodation, company etc. That point never really sunk in until tonight.
Nothing like that Mediterranean sunset. Tangier
Nothing like that Mediterranean sunset. Tangier
I mean it is a simple enough point. You only tend to go on holiday with people you like (whether that includes family is based on your own issues!). You eat out in nice restaurants to get out of the monotony of your 3 for 2 Sainsbury dinners. And you tend to experience more in your days than you do at home even if you live in a major city where there is a ‘plethora’ of experiences to be had.
The only thing I can conclude from this is that people want to experience that ‘high life’ as a getaway from their regular 9-5 shlob. I guess that’s where the post holiday blues comes from. To be fair, just because you feel a little low after travelling back from some type of paradise doesn’t mean your life is pants; especially if your coming back to rainy UK.  But nonetheless, as an ambitious ‘smooth faced young gangsta’, I can’t see any reason why the high life should be limited to a couple weeks of annual leave a year. What part of the game is that?


The W Hotel, Barcelona
The W Hotel, Barcelona
If I cast my mind back a few years back when we were still young bucks, Rams told me of an episode where he was in his local Miccy D’s with a local youth who had ordered a McFlurry with an instruction to not put too much MnM’s in it. When asked how much he wanted, he replied with “MEDIOCRE” in the most hoodest way possible. Not only did this provide a lot of laughter, it also serves as a microcosm of how most people move – MEDIOCRE.
It’s sad to come to the realisation that people hit an age in life where they can’t really change their life progression because the electric and gas bill will get your trapped. And then there’s the other faction who just don’t have the tools to make those moves. So to the younger generation reading this, get right with your GCSE’s (major key).
Like I’ve said before on this platform, I’m not even on a materialistic wave really, but stubbornness is a strong feature in a Tauras and being able to pull up in a Jeep Wrangler should be something that’s not out of the realms of possibility.
I’m fully aware that the older guys on the block I used to look up to during school days used to have very slick mouths when it came to car talk. Most of them man are navigating zebra crossings with buggies en route from Mumsy’s house to sort out their government benefits (shout out to parenthood though). So with that in mind, it’s back to the grind in the city to avoid being one of THOSE guys.
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