Can you restore the feeling?

Progression is the name of the game. Growth is a key ingredient in the evolution of the Imperious Elite Team. It is abundantly clear that our brand has a majestic feel to it, which is born out of success in multiple lanes. Naturally, as one evolves their style from the grassroots to international stadiums, people who do not grow with you get upset.

A close friend of mine from the corporate setting once said:

“Life is like a train journey. People get on and off at various stops.”

Philosophy 101. This don did not attend the recent corporate initiation ceremony. If the organisation was the train, a successful co-sign to the corporation, signaled him to depart their service. I aint mad. Their time is up and now it is on to the next one. This might seem devoid of human emotion but I thought the motto was “Keep the culture pushing.”

Respect to Marty McFly and the 80s Sci-fi Ad-Com that was “Back To The Future.” Certain dons who are sitting on the bleachers may want us to go back in time with them to a place of sentiment. But only if it makes sense. What I mean is, there has to be some type of CHEQUE at the end. Back To The Future grossed $389 milly worldwide following its release in 1985. If the cake is set up like that, I’ll be the first to reach back in the wardrobe for the Black TN’s and a fitted hat. In the sequel, Marty McFly traveled to the future, and that appeals to me a lot more. The future holds a big CHEQUE and I will not lose out on my blessings.

In the 1989 film "Back to the Future II," Marty McFly traveled to Oct. 21, 2015, a future with flying cars, auto-drying clothes and shoes that lace automatically.
Let’s move forward – Marty McFly in the Back To The Future 2

In Hip Hop, there is the never ending discussion of why New York Hip Hop, which was once the staple diet of the artform is not at the forefront anymore. New York rappers have always prided themselves on being more lyrical than their counterparts from other regions, which in today’s climate is arguable as there are lyricists everywhere. Man like Troy Ave receives a lot of stick regarding his cocky nature and brash delivery. At the start of the year, Troy released a freestyle aptly entitled “Restore The Feeling/N.Y.C.” It was an homage to all the former New York spitters who were successful and had paved the way for the “BSB Reccids” founder. Incidentally, I thought it was one of Troy’s strongest looks as I enjoyed the vibe. I respect the message but my overriding thoughts are nobody gives a fuck, respectfully.

Troy knows the name of the game and is focused on trying to make hot RECCIDS than put out sentimental freestyles like this. Unlike most of these other new age New York rappers, Troy actually has RECCIDS. Troy wants to restore the feeling but there are New York rappers who are poppin right now without ever trying to restore the feeling. Nicki, Asap Mob, French, Desiigner to name but a few. All of the aforementioned have styles, which are influenced from other regions. I hope you can see where I am going with this point. Imperious have styles, which are influenced from other regions. Satisfying just one demographic will never enable you to realise your potential. Personally, I am not trying to restore any feeling. I just want to continue to be a mover and shaker in life.

In the Biography entitled the BOYs we stated a few aspects of our lives that have enabled us to get to this current point but it is just a start! 

I am not trying to be a “Stuck in the 90s” motherfucker when it comes to any aspect of my life. Motivation for me comes from wanting to hit the next target and then the next target after that. Whether those feelings were GOOD or BAD they belong in the past. Let’s create some NEW ones. Jigga gets a lot of mention on our platform and rightfully so. He successfully evolved. From Where I’m From to Do It Again to Change Clothes to Empire State of Mind. Truthfully, I be feeling to myself that every day of my life is “On To the Next One”.

Hov on that new shit niggas like how come
Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album
Niggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it moving
Niggas make the same shit, me I make the blueprint

Closing thoughts

Every run comes to an end. That is in keeping with the laws of nature. We have seen countless reminders of failure from trying to manufacture reunions when the original run is over. It is best to leave it where it belongs and that is the past. Let it be known on a “Flashback Friday” or a “Throwback Thursday” but sentiment alone is not going to afford me the opportunities in life to better my situation.

Re-visiting some of the old haunts, dressing the same way and talking about shit that was hot when Kaka was Ballon D’Or is not cutting it in my mind. That train journey analogy is real and I aint trying to go backwards. An attempt to restore the feeling could end similarly to when Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania.


Brock man-handling Taker

I aint going out like this. Should you?



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