Why are Canadian musicians and UK acts winning in the US?

Throughout my life I have heard the phrase “breaking America” alluding to the theory that awareness from the general public across the pond is a ready-made recipe for success. Acts hailing from the UK and most recently a big surge in Canadian musicians are having success in America.

Need a reminder?

kanye estelle

Estelle released “American Boy” which was the breakout single from her second studio album “Shine” in 2008.  She had a temporary buzz, which eventually fizzled out but the following artists have managed to capitalise on the US market in order to throw down significant sales numbers.

Please let us know why these Canadian musicians and UK artists are winning?

      1. Adele – UK artist

adele cover

The 27 year old Tottenham born former BRIT student is a global phenomenon having sold over 3 million copies in the first week in North America.  Adele’s Billboard numbers have broken all types of records.  Notably in the US she is the fastest selling female artist ahead of the next two fastest sellers combined.  They are Britney Spears “Oops – I did it again” and Taylor Swift “1989” – both American.  The West Norwood native has truly broke the internet and that is not a slight on her physique.  The old cliché of “the girl next door” can be used to describe how this very talented London girl has conquered all in front of her path.

She’s one of us. Salute.

      2. Justin Bieber – Canadian Musicians


“Bieber Fever” is very real for this 21 year old Canadian musician and the global fan base he possesses.  Bieber, the childhood prodigy has seemingly outgrown his rebellious adolescence where he was committing all types of “fuckery”.  A good indication was when he had a ‘comedy roast’ whereby other celebrities took the piss out of his shenanigans, which he took in good spirit.  From his latest album “Purpose” Bieber was coming out with smash after smash “What do you mean?” “Love yourself” and “Sorry.”

The man is winning this much out here he can let Xmas Number One slide.

bieber tweet

     3. The Weeknd – Canadian musicians


Another Canadian musician, another chart topper.  The Weeknd stayed on the top 10 of Billboard for 21 consecutive weeks in 2015 following the success of his album “Beauty Behind the Madness.”  Abel has a unique melody and his lyrics stem from a deeper, darker side of life.  This sound has captured the minds of the American public and enabled him to do impressive numbers himself, some 362,000 copies first week.  Off the last project “The Hills” and “Can’t feel my face” are certified smashes.

Co-incidence or nah?

Perhaps I am reading between the lines too much and this is all a mere co-incidence.  However, there are others such as Drake who is widely regarded as the premier hip hop artist in the game.  Not a huge fan of Aubrey myself but he can rap that shit when he isn’t coming out with glorified simp ballads.  Still if he wants to send Jeks and Rams six bottles of Ciroc he is more than welcome.

The Canadian musician Drake is acutely aware he isn’t from down there but sales wise he’s running down there

drake bars

aubrey canadian

Aubrey “Drake” Graham embracing his Canadian heritage. As he should.

Life is not black or white.

Some readers may have theories on why these artists have done the numbers they have done.  However, we can use an example of girl duo  “Dumblonde” to illustrate why skin colour alone does not dictate sales.  The band consisting of Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex sold 5,031 copies first week which is a lot lower than a lot of rappers numbers.

Still Rams does not want to throw uneccessary shade but they had to be sacrificed to illustrate my point.  If Aubrey is reading this and takes offence then baby-girl you can slide in them DM’s and Rams can treat you to a coffee in order to defy stereotypes.


The racy Aubrey O’ Day


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