Can you ever just be friends with your ex?

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dating rituals in jamaica Friends and Ex’s. The old age question takes on many twists and complexities for all parties involved.  Here at Imperious Ent we ask you, our special co-commentators of the culture, what the answer is to this topic? We also want to know what the parameters of the friendships are with your ex’s.  Several lyrics in Hip […]

Was Kanye’s fashion show bigger than the Super Bowl?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, Fashion, Music, Philosophy, Sport, Women Kanye West, the self proclaimed “best to ever do music” recently sold out Madison Square Garden, New York City in a live launch of his new album T.L.O.P (The Life of Pablo). To the Netflix heads out there he is not referring to the hit series “Narcos” depicting the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar but he […]

How the WWE Attitude Era moulded the mind – an indoctrination or inspiration?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, Philosophy, Sport The WWE Attitude Era. Resurgence. Successful.  Popular.  Unforgettable.  Words such as the above are aptly deployed to summarise the five year period between the years 1997 to 2002, which shifted the landscape of professional wrestling. The latter years of the ‘90s and early ‘00s (noughties) are synonymous with the timeframe widely revered as the golden […]

Is It Okay to Say That We Are Great People?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, PhilosophyÙƒÙ� Ù -تØ�صل-على-أموال-سرÙ� عة Here at Imperious entertainment, we endorse a certain type of individual. And that type of individual is someone who doesn’t shy away from basking in greatness. Now of course, great people come in different shapes and forms and I hope everyone reading this believes in their own brand, but of course we all know we […]