Chief Keef Going Home REVIEW

Chiraq’s very own savage Chief Keef is back with Going Home, which is the second single off his new album. In true Keef fashion this album is entitled Thot Breaker. This just lets you know his mentality is hard on hoes, which is admirable, respectfully. Cop the new album on June 9th, which is right round the corner. Going Home was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show and the sound is Pop with demonic Drill bars.

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Chief Keef with a “prop”

Yo, I would be reacting just like the dude next to him

Going Home Audio

Keef’s Going Home dropped on June 1st 2017 by way of YouTube and we await the official video to this joint. The opinions in the comment section is that Keef is displaying versatility in Going Home by way of his flow. Label pressure or being musically cold must have forced Keef’s hand to go this direction with Going Home. Despite his stans (die-hard fans) the “GloGang” this shit is ass. As a ‘culture’ we clown Yachty for his melodies so following suit this fits that same criteria to be trolled.


CBMix and Hollywood J laced the instrumental to Going Home, which sonically is very different to the music we have heard him produce prior. Hollywood J has worked with acts such as Blacc Youngster, Bankroll Fresh and Soulja Boy so a who’s who of the coons in Hip Hop.

Kids stay in school!

Make sure you are Going Home after class


Keef is bragging about alleged sexual prowess with chicks in Going Home and celebrating the fellatio skills of young women. Chiraq’s baphomet figure according to DJ Akademiks states he will make a girl walk stiff once he has conquered her in the bedroom. Savage imagery but that’s what Hip Hop is – it’s a circus.

She get wetter than a ship, shawty got that Navy Seal
She was talkin’ all tough, but I got her walkin’ stiff
We had a bet that if I hit it good, she would make me meals
You would think it’s homocide how I hit her with the steel



In my opinion this shit was trash and at no point was I likely going to change my opinion. The versatility that was described was not reaching my ears but I am not familiar with Keef’s street shit beside his breakout tune. For the GloGang following don’t pull up on me – I’m just the radio guy!


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