Chip Snap Snap REVIEW; League Of My Own 2

Chip is the artist formerly known as Chipmunk and he has dropped his third studio album. The name of this project is League Of My Own 2. The North London Grime MC/rapper is attempting to display versatility on this new project. Although, I have not personally heard the album yet, I have heard three joints off it. Snap Snap is a playful jab at certain girls obsession with social media.

League of My Own 2 has 17 songs so an in-depth analysis of the complete body of work is needed. The video to Snap Snap has created a forum for YouTube viewers to bash the video girl. According to their comments she is an exposed escort and general slut (allegedly) called Erin Budina –

Erin Budina – Instagram model

In the Snap Snap video she plays the conceited role to a tee with many vain shots on her Snapchat. Her filter and angle game is strong. One of my first posts broke down the key attributes for a woman I am seeking to complete my time The quest for a thespian and not a thottie

I mean, let’s just call it what it is, she is a thot!

Snap Snap Official Video

The video sees Chip rapping with a hefty sprinkling of Patois, a Caribbean dialect/language. The Cash Motto main man is poking fun at his presumed shorty for all accounts and purposes. Snap Snap sees a girl unable to make the simplest of dishes, which is beans on toast. She’s a hot mess, respectfully.

So wha’ mi seh?

Chip is displaying some degree of versatility by reverting back to his native tongue for Snap Snap. Of course, this is to create the vibe to this tune as this is not speaking to his famed tag-line

Chip can’t run out of bars


Snap snap, ya love take picture
But you still don’t get the picture
Girl, you live your life in a filter
It’s not everyday Insta
Snap snap, ya love take picture



Snap Snap is a fun little song but does not leave any lasting impression on me unfortunately. This does not mean I am judging the project off this but it seems strange to release it as a single. Unless, it was just to feature a thottie in the video. I am speculating.

But I am interested to hear the entire album so I will hopefully sit down and digest the bars.

Go listen and support Chip by streaming/copping his new joint


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