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Southampton’s very own RnB crooner is back with his latest song entitled Heartline. Craig David is a 36 year old veteran who has one classic album, which was released in the year 2000. That album is of course, Born To Do It, which I still mess with. Heartline will feature on David’s upcoming seventh studio album called The Time Is Now. This project will drop on January 26th 2018 so fans be on the lookout for that. From the list of features alone the sound will be mad varied as Craig experiments musically.

The likes of Bastille, AJ Tracey and Kaytranada amongst others will feature on this album. Sonically, Heartline is a dance track, which is produced by Jonas Blue. Opinions are somewhat mixed as David has strayed away from a ‘traditional RnB sound’, whatever that is in 2017.

Heartline Official Audio

YouTube Official Audio to Heartline

Jonas Blue is an Essex Producer/DJ who blends Dance music with Pop sensibilities and was on the buttons for this track. He has an album called Electronic Nature: The Mix 2017 for pure hedonism so check that out. Craig David did not stay in his comfort zone with the sound, which I can only salute. In life, you get nowhere by limiting yourself and as a creative that is more pertinent.

Lyrics to Heartline

I put my heart on the line for you, I put my heart on the line for you
For you
I put my heart on the line for you, my heart on the line for

Craig is not holding back with this shorty that he is romantically interested in. He has put it all out on the line so he expects the girl to put her best foot forward. Has Rams ever put his heart on the line for a shorty? Not yet. That is not an arrogant point, it’s just a fact. I have not needed to as my magnetism is undeniable, so a last resort of pure emotion is not necessary. If you dispute that my magnetism is undeniable then you are only fooling yourself.

But shout out to everybody.



Heartline is cool. It is not making any long lasting ripples but as a first single it is setting the scene. From the track-list and features, I expect the album to be sonically varied. I fucks with Craig David as he has a classic album and is from the UK. How many other UK acts have that?

Name me the Grime classic albums?

Rams David

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