Craziest Video Ever? XXXTentacion Look At Me Official Video

XXXTentacion Look At Me has an official video as of September 12th 2017. Correct at time of press there is a cool 5 million views on this bitch. The visuals to XXXTentacion Look At Me are not for the faint hearted as the content is racially stimulating. Currently, X is embroiled in a legal quagmire by way of alleged domestic violence. If innocent, like they do on Everyday Struggle, prayers out to all those affected.

XXXTentacion Look At Me only shines a light on the blood-spilling history of race relations in America!

XXXTentacion Look At Me Official Video

The video to XXXTentacion Look At Me is crazy! There is an opening scene with an angel with some type of cock emanating from its head. X and his dudes storm a classroom and slap a teacher unconscious with a dildo. Scenes cut to X highlighting all the high profile hate crimes against the Blacks. In addition, X leads two kids, one black and one white, to a secluded area and hangs the white kid. At the end he reads a poem out to justify that loss of life irrespective of who the perpetrator or victim is tragic.

Equity and Equality

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