D-Block Europe (Young Adz x Dirtbike LB) – Large Amounts Review

D-Block Europe (Young Adz x Dirtbike LB) - Large Amounts Review -

Is UK rap on the come up? Here at Imperious Entertainment, we want to see these young cats win, so let us shine a light on a tune with a growing street buzz from D-Block Europe artists, Young Adz and Dirbike LB. The tune called ‘Large Amounts’ is infectious and may make you want to whip crack in large amounts also. Let’s get into it.

D-Block Europe – Large Amounts Music Video

The D-Block Europe sound is definitely a trap sound from bits that I have heard. Young Adz has been known on the scene since he was a young buck. I remember seeing him spray as a 13 year old about Nittys and clapping back.
 His style has changed quite a lot and incorporates a lot of american influenced flows and melodies and even content wise, it is braggadocios shit about money, women and drug paraphernalia with a glossy street filter. According to the Youtube comments on his recent uploads, there’s a feeling that he has sold out and is chasing ‘dunya’. Like we’ve been stating here at Imperious Entertainment for a while now, it’s near impossible to make a mark in rap as a british MC until recently, so there is a pressure to produce a sound that is digestible to a wider audience. Good music is supposed to appeal to a lot of people right?

Large Amounts

The tune is basically a modern take on the infamous Scarface montage clip when life was going phenomenally for Tony Montana. Instead of the silk shirts and gator shoes, there are Adidas tracksuits. There is no money counter.. but there is a money phone! Replace the Miami mansion with an estate block in South London and Michelle Pfeiffer with an ethnically miscellaneous female..respectfully. I love it!

All the Cocaine on the table like a mountain

I need that money so high that I cannot count

Real talk, the melody is solid which is a strength of the D-Block Europe collective and they definitely succeed at painting the picture of being young Trapstars. The trap beat underneath is hitting also and the Piano melody sets the mood.

D-Block Europe – Large Amounts Rating

I like this reccid so I’ll give it a 6/10. I don’t know if it has any crossover potential so it’ll be interesting to see how far this song travels. Shout out to the D-Block Europe collective and I’m expecting big things from them. Shout out to the original D-Block also who definitely are legendary cats in the rap game. Peep our post on their POWERFUL radio freestyle.

Let us know how you feel about this song and your opinions on D-Block Europe.

J-Block Europe

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