Did everyone steal the Migos Flow? Migos Montreality

Migos Montreality appearance came on September 18th 2017 on their Canadian YouTube interview channel. The top three goons from Gwinnett County claim that everybody in the rap game has bitten their flow. Sonically, the double-time beats in 2017 lend themselves well to the Migos flow.

It has got to be said that notoriously, the Migos do not interview well so it is no surprise that Migos Montreality was only 6 minutes and 46 seconds. Quavo seemed to take offence with someone disturbing the interview from the outset.

Come on Frankenstein looking ass nigga

Migos Montreality

Respectfully, one has to question whether Takeoff is on drugs, ALLEGEDLY! His answers are moronic throughout the Migos Montreality interview. Dude says that he could not really get into DragonBall Z as a kid because he did not really understand it. It’s a cartoon my dude.

Anyway, let me leave it there as I do not want the Migos to pull up on me after they pull up on Joe Budden.

Keep that energy Rams!


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