Jeks vs Rams Series; Top 8 Most MEMORABLE UK music moments – #8 Dizzee Rascal for Prime Minister

We’ve reached the final instalment, it has been a stretch! The 8th and final instalment of the series comes courtesy of one of the groundbreakers in Grime. You can almost call him the LL Cool J of the scene. I’m talking about Dizzee Rascal. When you’ve got Dizzee Rascal on national television with Jeremy Paxman talking politics, you know it is going to be a golden moment!

#8 Dizzee Rascal on Newsnight

Dizzee Rascal has already featured in this series during a HEATED exchange with Grime’s favourite goon “Crazy Titch”. Between that very hood moment and this interview, Dizzee had received critical and commercial acclaim with his debut album “Boy In Da Corner”. He even scooped the Mercury Prize in the process.
2008 was a year where Nubians rejoiced as Barack Obama became the 44th American President. I remember being surprised at how jubilant UK ethnics were, like it really affected us, but I guess people like to see “one of their own” succeed. 8 years down the line, arguably the world is a more divided place but hey, this isn’t supposed to be a deep post still! Who better to break down racial issues in politics than the Prince of Grime, Dizzee Rascal.
Shout out to Valerie Amos, a black Cabinet minister for supplying the generic (but applaudable) voice for UK ethnics in politics. Jeremy Paxman (who I rate for his wry wit and sarcasm) threw the rock to Dizzee to supply his take on political issues he has no idea about apart from again, generic hood mentality. Summed up by;
Jeremy; Mr Rascal, do you feel yourself to be British?
Dizzee; Of course I’m British man, You know me! I’m here man! What’s good?
Hilarious. Couldn’t his agent have thrown him a couple of facts to back up his rhetoric? I mean, just one fact would have been good. He made a decent point about Hip Hop playing a significant role in Obama’s election, but white England doesn’t care about that.

Did he get picked on?

BBC do have a tendency of making famous urban black kids the butt of jokes when they’re on a major show, but I guess you can argue that these kids set themselves up. Like our business associate and bodyguard Jualito always says, “If you run up and put your face in another man’s face, you should be prepared to deck a nigga or get decked like Leo and Kate”. That is a Titanic reference I think which I’m surprised a troubled aggressive youth like Jualito has watched. I would say it might have been a “Netflix and Chill” one as Jualito does get girls, but I can’t see it captivating him for that 3 hour and 15 minute runtime. I digress. The point is you probably shouldn’t go on a politics show if you don’t know politics.
He went on to say something wild about Martian’s and saying that one day we will see Dizzee Rascal as Prime Minister. Jeremy Paxman was definitely giggling under the table. This is a classic Grime moment and I love it.
Make sure to peep the rest of the series and suggest what you want us to tackle in the Jeks vs Rams instalment. Hopefully the grind we’re putting in will also take us straight to the White House.

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