Do you need money yourself to attract a paid woman?

Traditionally, men have been viewed by society as the providers and women as the stabilisers of the home. However, these views are somewhat archaic due to the sheer scale of change in gender expectations of men and women in the modern world.  Women may be the bread-winner in the relationship and the man may be unable to financially provide.  Hip Hop is a driving force behind a lot of philosophy at Imperious Ent so before we open the debate let us consider some lyrics pertaining to this topic:

“You ain’t gotta be rich but fuck that! How we gon’ get around on your bus pass?”

Amil on Jay Z’s “Can I get a”

“And to get with me you better be chief, lots-a-dough”

Jay Z “Girls Girls Girls”

“In front of Gucci in the winter, I seen you with your girls,

Walking uh, in your chinchilla fur …

But we can start with a few nights out in Malibu

Surfin, laying up on Persians”

Shyne “Bonnie and Shyne”

Imperious Ent promote “panache moves” a term coined by fellow mogul Jeks.  The quest for a thespian has been elucidated in an earlier post by Rams.  We hail from London, which is the hub of the UK when it comes to “sassy” ladies.  On many an occasion we have been in front of the building and witnessed a ‘standout model-esque’ young honey being clutched by a don who has an obese wallet i.e. caked up.  Please excuse me if you may as I am aware that ‘not everything that glitters is gold.’  This may seem like a superficial outlook but I never find any of the previously described women in my local Tesco Express (ALLEGEDLY) so my question to you is:

Does the dough attract a certain tax bracket of woman?

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06: Cara Delevingne attends the Costume Institute Gala for the "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic)

Cara Delevingne killing the red carpet (Photo courtesy of Stephen Lovekin)

It is not so important that she has a name as it is simply an illustrative point.  Cara is a UK fashion model and actress from Hammersmith.

Would the mandem be able to initiate a dialogue with her on the red carpet with this floor length V-neck gown on?  If the answer is no then that is quite an indictment of how superficial and materialistic our world has become.

A while back Jeks told me that he was at an industry function and saw the guy who played Gus from Eastenders. What he witnessed was far from the dust-man character that he portrayed on the BBC soap.

Instead Gus was on his best “Jason Derulo” impression rocking a similar get up trickin’ on women with alcoholic beverages (ALLEGEDLY)

(Trickin’ = paying for lavish items with the intent of keeping a woman)

 gus ee jason derulo

You are excused if you cannot see the resemblance

Disclaimer: Imperious Ent promote people to live their authentic lives.  

Surely, there must be a sense of deep rooted insecurities if the answer to the title of this blog is YES.  Can anything long lasting come from a union born on materialism?

The old saying is that opposites attract, therefore, would it be acceptable to roll up outside the Shard in a grey nike tracksuit and slap it on the next top Russian model?

Perhaps, this argument is skewed towards a certain type of woman?

Forget the world of fashion and celebrity and let us prime our focus on successful women that are more accessible in society.  The list of professions is endless but I know a lot of women in my circles who are making impressive financial gains.

In particular, without putting her on blast, there is a private equity fund accountant who is making cake. She can get her shout out as soon as she subscribes to the website.  (All characters have been protected to preserve the right to confidentiality).

She was telling me that she met her man “on road” when he accosted her for wearing knee length velvet boots and generally looking like a ‘problem’ i.e. a desirable chick.  Her man is currently unemployed but that has not deterred relations as what he lacks financially is apparently not an issue for her.


Would a young beautiful female Doctor expect racks on racks on racks?


Would a young striking female lawyer be all about the Benjamin’s baby?

Closing thoughts

Tell us what you think on this topic?  Hip Hop tends to skew the answer to yes but there is no surprise there as materialism is fully promoted.  Most women in the corporate world will probably say no.

We applaud the velvet knee length women of this world and Rams leaves any “potential” women with the last word by Method Man:

“Just be there for me and I’ma make sure we, be living in the effin lap of luxury”



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