Drake More Life REVIEW – A Complete run-down

The debut playlist by Canadian superstar Drake More Life dropped on Saturday 18th March. Unlike other projects it was available on many music services not just exclusively to Apple Music. Much debate rises from the distinction of More Life as a playlist rather than an album. Following on from the record breaking success of Drake’s last album ‘Views’ should we hold this project to the same standards? Streaming numbers? First week sales? What is clear is that in this 22 song playlist Drake is giving his global fan-base More Life.

“More chune for your head-top so watch how you speak on my name, you know!”

Review Tracks 1-7

The blocked quote above is continuously dropped throughout the entire project. More Life begins with a choir and then it cuts to introspective bars on the tune “Free Smoke.” Drizzy narrates how he has made the transition from an aspiring rapper to the head honcho. He even confesses to drunk texting J-Lo’s fine ass!

Introspective start to More Life – Drake & J-Lo

“No Long Talk” is that street shit featuring UK rapper Giggs. Drizzy taunts his opps by waxing lyrical at the intimidation factor that his OvO camp provide. Giggs fits in naturally on this tempo as the tune is hard body karate. “Passionfruit” is the introduction to the RnB wave that is HEAVY throughout. The melodic vulnerability is undeniable and it is a head nodder. “Jorja Interlude” is the dance/electronic vibe that American act Jorja Smith. You already know I fully get down in this genre.

“Get it together” features Jorja as well as South African Producer ‘Black Coffee.’ Black Coffee is known for back-in-the-day tune ‘Turns me on’ and on this tune it is a shellers that will bubble in the rave. “Madiba Riddim” is the Afro-Beats Drizzy. As a man of African descent you know I was MOVING to this.


“Blem” is a UK/Caribbean wave and it was at this point where I had to pause the joint and put out the fire. The beat and the melody intrigued me to the nth degree.

Tracks 8-14

“4422” creates a mellow vibe leading into “Gyalchester.” The bass-line is mean and the raps are braggadocios. Drizzy states he is Top 2. He is fully gassed at this point but the vibes are immense. Drizzy feeds the UK again with “Skepta Interlude” where BBK front-man Skeppy does his thing with his flow. Quavo of the Migos steals the show on “Portland.” Travis Scott features on the track too but Quavo with his unique voice and melody adds the icing on the cake to a hypnotic beat. Wave after wave. “Sacrifices” featuring 2 Chains and Young Thug continue the Hip Hop wave and again this one goes in.

Quavo of the Migos came through with the waves!

“Nothing into Somethings” is some slowed down pimp shit with the ‘Take Care’ crooning to thotties Drake back. “Teenage Fever” is the sample to J-Lo’s ‘If You Had my Love.’ Drizzy knows how to put his own spin on these forgotten classic hooks.

Tracks 15-22

Hollowman Giggs is back on “Kmt.” Another beat that slaps to get you gassed on that street shit. Giggs does his thing on this one, you know them ones! Madness! “Lose You” sees Drizzy sending more shots to Meek Mill and his tendency to rap about his rollies (Rolexes). Stop it, it’s over already. But I do love it when niggas talk that shit on reccids, which is why I like the sentiment of the next track. “Can’t have everything” had me clicking my fingers to the beat and more shots for Meek Mill.

Drake and Meek Mill once upon a time ago!

“Glow” is a sensational track with Ye and Drizzy collabing. ‘Watch out for me, I’m about to gloooowww.’ Ye sounds hungry on this one, which I admire. “Since Way Back” sees the introduction of OvO member Party Next Door. The melody will be featuring on a lot of IG model’s IG and Snapchat stories. You can cane to this one, still! “Fake Love” needs no introduction as it is the lead single off the project. Thugger is back on “Ice Melts” and as you expect it is catch as hell. Thug’s voice is like an instrument and we are riding a high wave at this point. “Do Not Disturb” concludes the project with bars on another hot beat. Drizzy concludes by shitting on the rest of the competition taking in the magnitude from his world tours and ‘perfect execution.’ He throws shots at Tory Lanes in this one. Stop it!



9/10 with no hesitation. It is sensational!

This is a complete body of work from back to front. It is multi-layered, which mirrors the global appeal of Drake, the world-tour headliner. Drake expressed his depth of artistry in this playlist. I cannot find flaws in this. It is scary because if this was an album with two or three commercial smashes then it would go down as his best work up to date.

At 30 Drake is creating mainstream waves that further cement his legacy in years to come.

More Life




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