Is Drake one of the greatest Rappers? 4pm in Calabasas

So Drake is an artist who used to split opinions in the hip hop game but as time goes by, I’m feeling that he’s won most people over.

The whole spat with Meek Mills was definitely a chess move on his part against an artist who probably doesn’t know how to play ‘Connect 4’.. Respectfully. If we put the whole ghostwriting aspect to one side, which is difficult to do for some, then some people believe he’s not one of the greatest rappers due to his love for introspective, sensitive light skin singing ballads. But the mature listener understands that 96 bars straight is not going to get you that ass in regards to billboard number 1’s.
However Drake does give us some flavours sometimes that affirm his status as one of the best rappers of this generation.. Or whichever poor ghostwriters he has on the roster who he has hoodwinked and bamboozled.
Janky promotOn 4pm in Calabasas, Drake seems to be having a mental conversation with his critics. He’s got grown men speculating in excitement as to if he’s sending subliminal shots at them. These self promoters out here are definitely ‘Janky’.
The 90’s badboy sound is referenced throughout which is engineered intelligently for people to speculate whether it is out of endearment or resentment. It’s a promo tool like everything else these days.
When your the hottest artist in the game, your bars tend to hit harder due to the factual nature of your disrespect. Drake definitely moves militant when it comes to the OVO sweatshop.

We movin’ militant but somehow you the one tankin’

He continues calmly belittling other artists who have called his line looking for their girls, stating he’s rocking pink tinted glasses on a Wednesday and claiming that these other dudes have Drizzy always on their mind.

Just total the hits and see what you find
You SWV cause you weak and I’m always always on your mind

Total was a 90's RnB group signed on Puff Daddy's Label 'Bad Boy Records'
Total was a 90’s RnB group signed on Puff Daddy’s Label ‘Bad Boy Records’
SWV, a 90's RnB group had the hit 'Always on my mind'
SWV, a 90’s RnB group had the hit ‘Always on my mind’



He was in the pocket on this track serving as a reminder that just because his album was commercial, he is still one of the nicest to put lines together. This was probably one of my favourite displays of rapping from Drake for me. Maybe he needs a non singing project just to solidify his spot as the nicest.

What do you think of Drake? Is he in your top 5?

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