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Dreams of ‘Loving’ an R&B ‘Chick’; Rams Top 5

We all know Rams loves the women. Even they will tell you that. However, the title of this joint had to be remixed in order for the reader not to be discouraged by its origins.  Track #19 on the special edition of Notorious BIG “Ready to Die” album inspired this concept.  The song entitled “Just Playin’ (Dreams)” details which vocalists Biggie likes and also what he’d like to do to them.  As you’ll come to realise through the upcoming podcasts Rams always offers the disclaimer “This is a Family Show” so I will try and keep this rated 12A rather than 18.

Assholes are like opinions, everyone’s got one.  So here is my own modest opinion.

#1 Aaliyah


Flawless. Facially superb. It is hard to put into words (even for Rams the chatterbox) why Aaliyah’s composite was so deeply felt.  Not even taking into account her demeanour and magnetism I reckon she would be one of those honeys in the flesh that makes me “nervous.”  OK, I’m trying it now with the “simp bars” (simp = sympathetic pimpin) but there would be aspects of communications where I would look at the floor out of respect.  I could be mistaken but her eye colours appeared to be hazel, which for her phenotype is not a normal ting.  She graced us briefly but she is top of the pile for me.

#2 Tamia

tamia new

A caramel sensation. Her cheekbones on fleek.  Nice button nose and a vivacious looking smile.  Back in the day Rams said that one “mediocre ting” even had deficiencies with her hairstyle. Immature of me. No such chance with Tamia though.  She first came to my attention on Nickelodeon’s hit show “Kenan and Kel” when she was a guest star and performed her song “Imagination”  She’s been up in those day dreams since.

#3 Toni Braxton

toni braxton

Smooth chocolate.  Toni Braxton with those striking features. In the hood we call that getting “pierced” in relation to a chick looking your way and I would be staring off into the prism looking at this beauty.  Ms Braxton was versatile.  She could pull off the tom-boy look of the 90s and flip it to the classy floor length evening gown for the red carpet. Her classic song was “You’re making me high”  She don’t even know.

#4 Amerie


Blasian bombshell.  Half Korean Half Black. Legs for days.  In the hood we call this a “Mew” which was one of the rarest if not rare Pokémon you could cop.  If anybody knows a community in London where I can find me one kindly hit that company email with deets.  Back to Amerie.  Her resume musically may not be top 5 but visually she will go down as a pioneer. “Why cant we fall in love?” was one of her big songs. Yeah, something like that lads.

#5 Mariah Carey


 A madness.  Mariah had the total package.  The face and body was on point.  This picture was taken from the video for the song “Heartbreaker”, which along with “Honey” got me gassed on her.  Let’s not even take into account her aura of being a diva.  Not many R&B females were seeing Mariah when it comes to this pin-up ting.  Can I just add the tattoo is well placed.

No Beyoncé?

Undeniably Beyoncé is gorgeous but she still doesn’t get into my top 5. Respectfully to the Bey Hive, I’ve always thought Kelly Rowland facially is better but that is another topic for another day.

Musically no question Beyonce would be #1

You will probably disagree – as you should.  We would love to know what your top 5 R&B hotties are.  Ladies do not be perturbed so do not hesitate to let us know who your top 5 R&B dudes are.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Be on the lookout for more top 5 lists from both Jeks and Rams.





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