Dua Lipa Lost In Your Light REVIEW

Albanian singer/model Dua Lipa is releasing her upcoming self titled studio album. Lipa, the singer born to Kosovan parents in London has released her new song, Lost In Your Light, featuring R&B singer Miguel. Incidentally, Lost In Your Light is the only reccid to have a feature on the project. The 21 year old rising star is due to drop the album on June 2nd 2017. She’s moving. Specifically, the genre of Lost In Your Light is of the Electropop variety.

Dua Lipa on her modelling tip – Mean!

Set The Scene

For those who are not aware Dua Lipa began her musical career aged 14. Shorty was covering stars such as Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado by way of YouTube. Her clout game on the internet led to a deal being inked with Warner Bros. Records in 2015.

If you have talent and self belief nobody or nothing can stop you!

In Dua’s personal life she moved back and forth between London and Kosovo before settling back in the city to pursue music. Ladies favourite Miguel is now collaborating with her on Lost In Your Light. I love it.

 Lost In Your Light Production

Love bars. Lost In Your Light is about being utterly in love with somebody else so that anything else pales in comparison. Once you meet that person you can be OPEN around then embrace it. Producer Rick Nowells has stripes in this ting as he is a Grammy award winner. Rick has worked with acts like Madonna and Lana Del Rey.

Yuh Yuh! The kind of question I would ask!!

Lost In Your Light is a tale of two tempos, which I mess with. Minus the bridge it is a faster tempo with mad synths and then it slows down. Music should not be one track so I respect the move.

Audio – Visuals on the way


Lost in your light, baby
I wanna stay right here all night, baby
Let’s get lost in the light, baby
I wanna stay right here all night, baby

Dua wants to cast all her uncertainties to the side and go for it mate. Here, she is comparing love to the source that stimulates sight. I’m giving them too much by way of science and that. Babygirl is not playing no games when it comes to a love jones.

 Miguel did his thing on Lost In Your Light

This picture is for the bitches

Now everything’s vivid, vivid
Torture tempted with pleasure
I’m reckless, tangled, suspended
You want it all, nothing’s wasted

Madness. Those adjectives were delivered by Miguel to point at the fact that he’s fully immersed in this ting. Mans love interest wants it all so he has enveloped himself in emotions.



Lost In Your Light contains enough in the tank to put me into a space. 3 minutes and 23 seconds of strong and catchy emotions woven into the synths. I feel that the duet carried the song to a good moment. It was cool for what it was and Dua seems to have the tones in her vocals to shine.

I am interested to hear more from this young shorty so the floor is well and truly hers. Imperious Entertainment will be joining her in the spotlight, ya heard!


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