Electronic Ecstasy – Duke Dumont & Gorgon City Real Life (ft Naations) REVIEW

Duke Dumont is a successful  English DJ/Record Producer and Songwriter. Gorgon City are a North London Electronic duo who are not shy of a banger themselves. Collaboratively, they released Real Life, which is a catchy-ass song.

Real Life is the type of tune to throw on to set the levels in a party. I can picture myself reaching a house party on a summers night and incessantly nodding my head to this heater. For those who are not aware Naations are an Australian duo who are heard providing flirty, soulful vocals on Real Life.

Real Life Line Up

Duke Dumont (centre) and Gorgon City (right and left)

Audio Real Life

Official Video

So what is the message?

It is a reflective mirror to the extent in which we as a society are self absorbed by social media and our phones!

And if you are here to just turn the fuck up and enjoy the music the message is…

Designer drugs

The video to Real Life is out there in terms of the zaniness of it. Basically, there are three heifers (young female cows) who are bullying this girl-next-door type chick. Everybody in the event is self-absorbed as this is the social media age. I am cocky and conceited, allegedly, so I can relate.

These three females embarrass shorty in the bathroom by taking snaps of her looking vulnerable on the commode and in turn on the roads. Shorty proceeds to get the last laugh on the bullies by standing up for herself and blasting them with an emoji blast. I told you, the concept of the Real Life video is out there. Often, these House/Electronic tunes are definitely some off the wall back to White Hedonism shit.



I liked this tune instantly as it is hella catchy off gates (from the outset). Personally, I love hedonism regardless of what genre we are discussing. Real Life is secure in my motherfuckin’ library.

In summer 17 I just want to turn up and Real Life is reflective of real life.

Ayo, I’m giving them too much Jeks!

Rams Dumont and Jeks City





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