Electronic Ecstasy – AlunaGeorge Turn Up The Love and Last Kiss REVIEW

British Electronic Duo AlunaGeorge have dropped two new singles entitled Turn Up The Love and Last Kiss. The duo were inspired to release Turn Up The Love due to the “fuckery” in worldwide current affairs. Upbeat groovy tempos are felt on Turn Up The Love, which spreads positivity. Group member Aluna Francis (the light-skin singer) took to social media to explain:

alunageorgeAnd this morning we served Turn Up The Love for breakfast! What is it about? I don’t need to explain that, that’s up to you this time, the reason we wrote it was because we needed a lift, a boost when these times are throwing us so many blows. I hope at the least it brings you a glimmer of light ❤️

Aluna Francis is beautiful and talented!

Turn Up The Love god-damn-it

Have we heard similar?

Turn Up The Love is reminiscent of AlunaGeorge’s collaboration with DJ Snake on the remix of a 2013 smash. That smash is of course You Know You Like It (Remix), which peaked at 13 on Billboard Hot 100.

Turn Up The Love Official Audio

Run it up, run it up
I swear it’s simple, turn up the love
You can call my bluff
But I swear it’s simple, turn up the love

Turn Up The Love Rating


With the windows down on a summer’s drive you can really identify with the hedonism with Turn Up The Love. My initial reaction is positive and my head was nodding throughout listens. Aluna has an amazing tone with her voice and she rarely fails to deliver. It’s a good song.

Now on to Last Kiss…

The other new release is entitled Last Kiss, which originates from the band being in Jamaica. You can almost hear the tropical climate in the production. Again, it is feel-good music, so it’s a no brainer.  Last Kiss is a sweet island mid-tempo mixed with breezy percussion and rhythmic guitar licks.

alunageorgeVery Very Very pleased today, first we shared Last Kiss with you last night. It was written in Jamaica among the palms overlooking the water, where even if you’re sad it feels sweet. I think you can feel that in the music! Hope you enjoy

Last Kiss Official Audio

If it’s gonna be my last kiss
I don’t wanna miss it
If this is my last wish

Last Kiss Rating


I was loving this one instantly as on the “eargasm scale” her voice was arousing me more. Aluna has that butter voice on electronic beats that speak to the listener.

The purpose of the two releases was to show versatility between upbeat and ballad according to the press release from Aluna.

“The creative concept is to release two tracks, one upbeat song and one ballad, to symbolize ‘light and shade’ and highlight the duality of both songs” – Aluna

Tour Life

Currently AlunaGeorge are on tour with Coldplay, joining the band on 14 stops in UK, US and Canada. Salute to George Reid on the buttons, who is sonically responsible for these hits.

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