Fashion Mentality; London Street Styles

We are the culture. This is an undisputed statement and the ethos of the brand so we know a thing or two about fashion.  What are the latest trends in London City, by way of fashion? Well if you are after a black and white answer to that, then that lets me know then you are in need of a fashion expert. Shoot us a DM and for a percentage we can discuss loans. In my humble opinion, as I can on occasion tone it down, there is no single look to what is hot in these streets. Winter is setting in so it can be a season where winter wear “dilutes the sound”, meaning kills off the flair. However, not everything has to be conventional. Following suit, in anything in life is not a decision that I feel comfortable co-signing, therefore, in fashion this rescinds your artistic licence. You can switch it up with a fashionable snood. Why does it have to be the M&S scarf Nan got you last Chrimbo, respectfully?

Winter flair – Snood versus Scarf


Snood game on fleek! Shout out to Espirit for this one


We live by the rule that it is not what you wear, it is how you wear it! We have all rolled our eyes when we see another member of the public wear the same item as us and in our minds we come to the conclusion that we do it better. Or am I wrong? Much to my dismay, I have seen other people on the RARE occassion wear the same thing as me and I do not feel enthused that they had similar taste. I was always taught to stand out in life, which I have never struggled to achieve. Who wants to be like everyone else. And it’s self belief like this, which translates to many facets of life. But enough about me.

Confidence wins

Confidence is the sexiest thing you can put on

Speaking of, do you think shorty pictured below is lacking confidence? Her stance and confidence, which oozes through the screen accentuates that model-esque body she has. Now, to play devil’s advocate, her figure might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Wait for it, if you are a typical inner-city guy as she does not have the “ghetto booty” that her phenotype is apparently supposed to supply every time. On an aside I was asked by a London based fashion expert this week, how many girls with a big booty would you expect to have a gut out of a line up of 10 girls? What are your thoughts? Put your answer in the comment section below.


A look! You don’t have to break the bank to look good

Colours collection

Another talking point is colours. Certain colours can affect your psyche. Wearing bright colours invariably gives you a more hedonistic state of mind than sober colours such as black and grey, which is common-place in winter. It goes back to my earlier point of breaking convention again. It does not have to be a skittles, every colour of the rainbow effort from you but splashing a bit of colour on your ensemble did not hurt nobody. Admittedly, the outerwear by way of over-coat may run you a few pounds but I mean why aspire for something that you can easily attain so the grind continues. I am digging the red hat. By wearing that you may think it is rather conceited but I love it. She is telling the world that she is the girl with the shoes!


Splash of colour! She does not appear to have sober outlook – so why should you?

 Final thoughts

London is the fashion epicentre of western Europe. There are so many looks that one sees on a daily basis so inspiration is abundantly evident. Of course, we all have our own issues that plague our lives but how we look outwardly can improve how we look inwards. Curling up in a ball at home in despair at not having anything to wear having a bowl of Coco Pops is not going to settle any issues. One has to throw on your glad-rags as you never know who you will meet when you step outside your house.

The weather is chillier. The pavement is littered with wet leaves. But your fashion-sense does not need to be caught slipping. Everyone aspires to look good especially in the capital, London. Like it or not, you are judged based on how you present yourself to the world. Next time you go shopping do you pick out the cup-cake that looks in good nick or do you pick out the one where the icing was slapped on hap-hazardly?

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Wrap up warm ladies and gents


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