Fashion..Who do you dress for? Yourself, your friends or the opposite sex?

Fashion is a very weird concept. You can look back at some old looks that you incorporated previously, and question what you were smoking when you made that decision. There will be a number of people reading this who will deny ever being seen in a questionable outfit (and I respect your delusion).

Sometimes I wonder what the mentality is when people leave their residences (respectfully). Do you dress for yourself? Do you dress to impress your friends? Or do you dress to impress the opposite sex? This is a particularly interesting question if you are one who ‘blows the bank’ with expensive gear. We are all directed subconsciously by a mix of these sections in all probability, but let’s break it down for the sake of illustration. Of  course there are some out there who don’t care about what they wear.. and I hope they are embracing that ‘liberation’.

She's doing too much
She’s doing too much
I hope this was Halloween
I hope this was Halloween


Dressing for the opposite sex?

This aspect is probably the one that has a strong influence in our sub-conscience. We all get in front of the mirror and ask ourselves “do I look good in this?”. Who are you really trying to look good for? The reflex answer people will supply you with is that they’re not trying to dress for anyone in particular. I’m just posing the question. Guys will be asking themselves how many ladies they can ‘lift’ in a particular top. Women will be assessing how cute they look in certain jeans.

Kendal Jenner in Levi's
Kylie Jenner in Levi’s

The new Levi’s ‘Wedgie Fit’ jeans “aims to lift the booty and separate the cheeks slightly, giving the illusion that you have a wedgie”. It is a hilarious sentence. The aim is to accentuate the female form. If this isn’t aimed at impressing the opposite sex, then I’ve got the game confused.

Obviously not everyone is out ‘catting’ for a mate, and how far you take this in terms of how you ultimately dress depends on other factors like your personality, ethics and sometimes.. occupation.

Amber Rose regularly 'breaks the internet with thottery'
Amber Rose regularly ‘breaks the internet with thottery’

Dressing for your friends

This has similarities to the concept above. We all make particular moves in life to achieve ‘ratings’ from our people. The most ridiculous example of this is the sneaker culture. The graphic underneath courtesy of shows the sneakers which are achieving the most highest re-sale values.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

This a great example of buying clothing to garner attention from your peers. If you buy sneakers for these extortionate prices, you probably will be forgiven for fighting if someone steps on them. I personally don’t get dressed for the satisfaction of my male friends, but we all love a good compliment. Let’s just hope you pick footwear that actually looks good as opposed to just the brand.

Ronnie Fieg Asic GT cool express sterling
Ronnie Fieg Asic GT cool express sterling

Dressing for yourself

This can be broken into 2 parts. The first is when you pick items of clothing because you genuinely appreciate how it looks and feels on you. There’s no deep thoughts of what response your going to get. This might take you to ‘fashionista’ status. At the same token, you could look like a mess. Either way, you’re rocking what you want.

The second, is when you dress to push a certain type of statement to the world. Common statements include being a rebel, being professional, being wealthy etc.

This can range from rocking a tracksuit outfit, to a 3 piece Givenchy suit.

Michael B. Jordan in Givenchy at the Oscars 2016
Michael B. Jordan in Givenchy at the Oscars 2016

There’s a new fashion trend recently becoming popular in which males are rocking more feminine attire. If you can explain what kind of statement they are trying to push, then let me know in the comments.

Create your own caption
Create your own caption

In closing, fashion is hard to define but it is interesting questioning thought processes. Whether you dress to attain things externally, or for your own satisfaction, as long I can benefit visually, go ahead and BUSS yourself.


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