Boogie down Bronx. Bronx, NYC, is the home of the largest Spanish community in the city by population. Fat Joe and Big Pun are the biggest Latino rappers to come out the city and they both hail from the birth-place of Hip Hop, Bronx. Fat Joe and Remy Ma had their monster smash back in 2004 “Lean Back” and the “Terra Squad” are back for a new installment of music. The title “Plata O Plomo” was inspired by the Netflix series “Narcos”, depiciting Colombian kingpin, Pablo Escobar. The Don Cartagena aka Fat Joe says that it translates from Spanish to English meaning “Money or Bullets.” Some other spanish speakers have said it translates to “Silver or Lead.” Whatever, the exact science, the album, sales and all are up for discussion in this latest review.

Iconic image of Public Enemy No 1, Pablo Escobar and son, pictured outside the White House

Plata O Plomo Album art-cover!

New York rappers stay getting gassed from infamous drug-lords, even in 2017

 Review of Tracks 1-4

The intro to the album “Warning” is on some real rap shit with a banging hook from singer Kat Dahlia, with her vocals seemingly inspired by the Rihanna sound. Fat Joe’s new artist, Kent Jones is unveiled in the next track. I did not really care for the song as I found the hook to “Swear to God” jarring so let us move on. “Spaghetti” is perhaps the catchiest hook on the whole project. Remy Ma lays the hook and it will leave you nodding your head in the whip. “All the way Up” is self-explanatory. The undeniable smash of the album, which was arguably the biggest reccid of 2016. The song even inspired Jigga to jump on the remix and spit some upper echelon bars. French Montana also of the Bronx provides the wave by way of hook and warms the reccid for Joe and Rem.

Kat Dahlia on the intro check in

Fat Joe, Remy Ma “All The Way Up”

Review of Tracks 5-7

Kent Jones is back with a stronger look on “How Can I forget”. Joe and Rem detail the struggles of their earlier lives growing up in the hood as well as their respective incarcerations. Introspective bars in this one. “How Long” is another infectious hook with Joe and Rem directly going back to back on the reccid. Sevyn Streeter and BJ The Chicago Kid provide the hook to “Go Crazy.” It is my favourite song on the album as it is a throwback to RnB I was more accustomed to in my formative years. Sevyn is singing her ass off and it creates a mood of love and anguish in equal measure. I am an RnB guy at my core so I appreciate the hook and the bridge on this reccid.

Sevyn Streeter came correct with her vocals!

Review of Tracks 8-12

“Heartbreak” is the most obvious pick for a potential next smash. Carribbean elements in this one and hit-maker ‘The Dream’ laying the vocals. This one should move on the charts. “Cookin” was the follow up to “All The Way Up” but I was not fussed on it. They had French on the hook again but it was always going to be eclipsed. “Money Showers” is another one of my favourites with Ty Dolla on the hook. ‘Whole lot of Money showers, Rain, Rain, Rain…’ Yeah you know I am getting down to this. In my opinion the album does not finish as strong as I expected with “Too Quick” and “Dreamin.” Regardless, I will give my assessment.

Fat Joe and Remy Ma “Money Showers” on Wendy Williams


Joe understands this is a results based business. It is all about the hooks. Nobody cares about bars, respectfully. Remy does though. Lyrically she is ahead of Joe as she always has. In the sport of rap, she is the number one female for bars. The vibes on this project are a lot for what it is. Two rappers who hail from the 90s golden period of New York rap who are trying their utmost to make current music.

I would give this one a 8/10. It is a solid body of work. Album sales this project reportedly only moved 11K in the first week, which is a seismic flop given the press run. Sometimes in Hip Hop, shit just goes left. I respect Joe and Rem for not going on like they trying to restore the feeling of New York rap as nobody really cares to tell the truth.

Boogie down Rams


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