[New] – Nav, Metro Boomin Call Me REVIEW; Brown Boy Navraj

Navraj Singh Goraya is a Brown Boy swag rapper from Toronto, Canada. Call Me is the latest tune to drop off the anticipated forthcoming collaborative album with Metro Boomin. One can expect turn up tunes and auto-tune HEAVY. In terms of momentum for the project Nav released Call Me and Perfect Timing on the same day, which was July 14th 2017.

The 27 year old Canadian-Indian rapper often reflects on personal tales on wax. This should be no surprise as these Canadian rappers are very open since Drake kicked down the doors for them. Call Me is another tune that fits this mould.

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Nav Call Me Official Audio and Video

There is lots of ass in the Call Me video by way of the strip club venue. The lyrics and tone of the song do not fit this care-free setting as Nav is getting introspective on y’all. Throughout Call Me Nav is reflecting on the struggles he has to deal with by way of fame. It is hella candid on the part of the young Canadian but the fame is not what it is cracked up to be, allegedly.

All fame does is shine a spotlight and magnify all the problems you had before the fame!

Are you happy?

The lyrics on Call Me are an attempt to hypnotise the listener and it is only when you have them out in front of you do you break it down.

Do you know how it feel to feel alone?
Bought myself a house, still feel like I ain’t home
Driving by myself, ain’t got nowhere to go
I just took two 30s, now I’m in my zone
Are you really here for me? I don’t know

Two 30’s relates to narcotics by way of opiate based drugs. Roxicodone 30mg and Oxycodone are the drugs of choice for Navraj to pop it, pop it – King of the Hooks? Travis Scott Butterfly Effect Official Video and REVIEW

Here at Imperious Entertainment we do not promote or encourage the use of illicit drug use. (However, we want you to have metaphorical highs over the potent strength of the content).


Call Me is a 6.5.

It is good but it is not fire. The content with the visual is good marketing and that paradox is attracting views. I am looking forward to the Nav and Metro Boomin project.



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