Free Crack IV – Lil Bibby For Real REVIEW

Lil Bibby, the Chicago rapper has dropped For Real off his latest series instalment entitled Free Crack 4. It’s a little teaser track as it is less than 2 minutes long but made quite the impression. The premise of the tune is that Bibby’s character is as real as they come. Laka Films is responsible for the visuals behind For Real. Laka Films has worked with several acts including UK’s Ard Adz.

Bibby touches on his modest beginnings in Chicago’s Southside neighbourhood as well as the criminal underworld. For Real is not a sombre note as the beat makes you want to turn up. The lyrics prick your ear as you hit moves to this one.

Who is Lil Bibby?

Brandon George Dickinson Jr is a 23 year old Chicago savage turned rapper. I am not these guy’s lawyer like Proctor from Power so I am not here to intellectualise their brand.

Bibby coined the series of mixtapes called Free Crack which first dropped in 2013. In For Real Bibby alleges that he has changed for money. However, I know the coonery knows no bound.

Vlad the culture vulture knows what he is doing with set-up questions…

However, Bibby’s mentality here is way off!!!

Would you co-operate with the police if they murked Mama?

For Real Official Video

Bibby is deep in the trap house (bando) with his mans and they are vibing to the tune. To me there is a humorous aspect when I see fully fledged goons dancing. For Real is not sweet at all!

Lyrics For Real

Ay, I used to sleep on the floor
I’m never gon’ do that no more
I gotta keep me a pole
Especially when I’m in the go
I know these niggas are slow
Niggas be lying in raps
I just be hiding the facts
Too many guys got whacked
I keep it real for real
You know I can’t fake it
I got the devil on me now
You know I’mma shake it
Rappers be tucking their chain
The guys will take it
I keep it real for real
I keep it real for real

The bounce in the hook to For Real is undeniable. Bibby is making civilians live vicariously through the mentality of a street rapper, which is what he’s meant to do.

This is Hip Hop. It’s commercial now so it’s less about being relatable. It’s just about the money!




I would have loved to have heard more from For Real but as far as teasers for the mixtape it served its purpose. Bibby is one of the better Chicago rappers in his lane. His music is good and it’s cinematic street struggle, which we love.

Lil Ramsy




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