Future Mask Off Remix REVIEW

Percocet, Molly, Percocet. Future dropped his most commercial smash to date Mask Off off the self titled Future album. Jeks discussed the concept of the official video already. Mask Off  features retired thottie turned feminist, Amber Rose. For those who want to be captivated click the link Future Mask Off Music Video

Trap and Bars? Mask Off Remix Line Up

Fast-forward to today and we have the Mask Off Remix featuring Kendrick Lamar. Salute to Future for introducing a contrast in style with the guest feature of the lyrical Lamar. Mask Off Remix now has a rhyme scheme to appease the Hip Hop purists out there with K Dot spraying. Incidentally, the collaboration is the second time these cats have created music together.

Future is keeping our ears glued to the flutes on Mask Off Remix

Mask Off Remix Audio

 Off gates the views on this are going to be crazy owing to the popularity of the original song. Future has cemented this Top 10 hit with the Mask Off Remix. Boys and girls, the official audio was released on May 25th 2017 and FutureVevo has 61,000 views in the blink of an eye.

Future kept his original verse and the hook and on Mask Off Remix we have a verse from Kendrick where he is talking that talk to other rappers.

Does Kendrick ruin the vibe of the song?

K Dot demonstrates that versatility in my opinion on Mask Off Remix


Kendrick’s flow on this song is strong and he is reeling off a lot of facts to his opposition in the elite of Hip Hop’s new school. In terms of putting words together he is the premier lyricist.  My standout bars from his verse were:

Platinum, platinum, platinum
Gotta look at self and ask what happened
How y’all let a conscious nigga go commercial
While only makin’ conscious albums?

Admittedly, a nigga like Rams is here to turn up without the use of the English Dictionary so you know I am really here for the Future melody:

Percocets, molly, Percocets
Percocets, molly, Percocets
Rep the set, gotta rep the set
Chase a check, never chase a bitch
Mask on, fuck it, mask off


8/10 for Mask Off Remix. 8.5/10 for Mask Off.

Let me not front for one second – I prefer the original song all day everyday. This is why I had to take off a half a mark.

Man like Kung Fu Kenny was not in the forefront of my mind for a remix. Having said that it gave the beat a new dimension. Kendrick did not ruin the song but I believe Mask Off is a song that does not require a remix (especially from a Hip Hop artist).

Hearing a lyricist do his thing on a double-tap beat would excite the hungry rappers of the world like my dude Cassidy up on VladTV.



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