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Future Mask Off Music Video

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Future Mask Off has been one of the biggest Hip Hop songs at least for the last half a year. “Mask Off” went platinum and became Future’s highest charting single to date. He dropped a high budget Video which is moving numbers itself by way of Youtube. Watch below.

Future Mask Off Music Video

Future has dropped the official “Mask Off” video directed by Colin Tilley. The video starts off as Future drives past an armed robbery. Following on from that the video takes a street riot type of feel with burning cars, masked ‘youths’ etc. All the while, Future drives his luxury car with Amber Rose looking spicy in the passenger seat. The video isn’t a thinking piece but does provide a lot of pleasing visuals.
Future will be hoping to use the success of the song to elevate to a higher level of recognition outside of Hip Hop, which he has been striving to achieve. Listen to the Future album by Future below.
Let us know what you think of the song and the video!

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