G-Eazy feat Kehlani Good Life REVIEW

G-Eazy is back with an anthem entitled Good Life featuring the talented Kehlani. This song features on the soundtrack for the 8th instalment of the Fast and Furious series – The Fate of the Furious. The flick hit theatres on April 14th 2017 so it is fresh out. Oakland rapper G-Eazy, real name, Gerald Earl Gillum has collaborated with Kehlani before on the remix of “Get Away.” Good Life does what it reads on the tin – it is a safe concept, which we can all buy into. Personally, I think tunes like these are normally corny but let’s get straight into the fuckery.

G-Eazy sporting a suit

The “rapper image” has changed A LOT

Good Life – The Space of Imperious Ent

Imperious Ent are in the traditional sense “on the come up” so we can echo sentiments of aspiring to be on top. In the truest sense of the phrase, the Good Life is not too far away. Please believe, the revolution will be televised as our brand is hot. From day one, we have been talking that talk and our content has been living up to the star-studded bars.

Kehlani dustin off her shoulders and dusting off the haters

Good Life!


Man like Infamous and Ben Billions, an XO Label member, produce the Good Life anthem. With the drum pattern and ripple sounding background music, they succeed in creating the “feel good factor.” Undoubtedly, the impact of Good Life will have stronger reverberations watching the film.


G-Eazy may not be a dude who will feature in anybody’s Top 5 conversations but he knows how to get to a hit. Good Life is as mainstream as it gets in the field of rap. Numbers wise, the video is moving with 20 million views and counting by way of YouTube.

Everybody knows I love the numbers!


On Good Life, I fully co-sign the pre-hook delivered by Kehlani. If you read our biographies entitled the BOYs we magnificently capture our journey thus far. I can never front and say I was eating sardines for dinner like Biggie once claimed but I am from humble beginnings.

Raise up a cup up for all my day ones
Two middle fingers for the haters
Life’s only getting greater
Straight up from nothing we go
Higher than the highest skyscraper
No Little League, we major
The proof is in the paper

Cali rapper G-Eazy delivered in my eyes with his 2nd verse detailing how his life was transitioning. I love when rappers talk that shit on reccids – you should know by now!

Pour some Clicquot in the glass, have a toast to success
No lookin’ back from here, no more bein’ broke and distressed
I put my heart into this game like I opened my chest
We only pray for more M’s while you hope for the best
We make these plays, man I’m finessin’ these checks
Time’s up for everybody, I’m collectin’ on debts
And I swear this champagne just tastes better on jets
I’m just out here bein’ great, man, this as real as it gets

Pour out some Clicquot for Imperious Ent!



The song has grown on me the more I listen to the joint so G-Eazy gets a 7 instead of a 6, which is what I positioned it on first listen. You can nod your head and sing a long to this for motivation. Good Life mirrors where we are trying to take it in our own pursuit.

Proof will be in the paper so in the meantime we are just trying to put the Good in the Good Life ya dig!

Raise a cup for all my day ones




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