Is Ghetts the best UK Artist? Fekky ft Ghetts Call Me Again REVIEW

UK music this time for the mandem and gyaldem. Fekky is a rising star (allegedly) who hails from Lewisham in South-East London. Research tells me that the highlight of his career thus far was a bring through by Kanye at the Brits. At the 2015 event Kanye West brought Fekky onstage in London’s O2 Arena. Ghetts is a ‘legendary’ East London MC who was once quoted as saying “next year Porsche’s, Beamers” and provides lyrical support on Call Me Again.

Production Call Me Again

Rapid from Tinchy Strider’s collective “Ruff Squad” is the producer on Call Me Again so we know its 140bpm. It must be said that skippy lyrics are sprayed by Ghetts on Call Me Again. To motherfuckers like me, we have been privy to this for the last 10 years. Sonically, Call Me Again sounds like it would not be out of place in the year 2006. Musically, Call Me Again reminds me of other Rapid production like “Ruff Squad Mandem.”


In the YouTube comments to Call Me Again he was described as a BTEC version of Skepta

LOL .. The internet remains undefeated

Official Video Call Me Again



This is a generic UK grime tune – but that does not mean its necessarily trash!

With tunes like Call Me Again I always have to ask when in the week do you bump this? Personally, Call Me Again would feature on a gym workout playlist by way of my Apple Music. During midweek I aint checking for this tune and I would struggle to believe most of y’all if you claimed to have this on your phone.

UK music by way of urban is getting looks currently, which is beautiful but Call Me Again is not going anywhere outside of an estate in South-East London, respectfully.

UK Rams

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