Are powerful men allowed to cheat?

Controversial. I am going to be as RESPECTFUL as possible but I have never been one to shirk away from a subject. This topic was brought to my attention by our beautiful business aid, “Darling”. She was the lovely lady who conducted the interview with myself for my own entry in the BOYs. At her permission, she has given me consent to share with the world the current quagmire she finds herself in by way of heartbreak. I commend her for her transparency. I hope her personal woes help our own co-commentators who are going through similar hurt.

The Supervisor and Darling – Regular citizen

Her man, or at least she thought he was, is the Supervisor of a particular marketing company. He is married with two children and after “blowing her back out” (and “Darling” you know I mean that respectfully) in Travelodge on SEVERAL occasions, he returned to his leafy suburban home to tuck his kids in at night. This Supervisor omitted his marital status to “Darling” and once she discovered the depth of the deception she left him – as she should.

From the text messages she showed me, this Supervisor is anything but powerful. I was shaking my head at his shit bars as I cannot fathom the mind state behind such a poor showing. There was ZERO SWAG displayed and most of all “no shame in his game.” He is going through a mid-life crisis and set his sights on “Darling.” My question is: Would it be different if he was powerful? Some women say all men cheat. If this is the case will a President be excused over a refuse collector, respectfully? Will a janitor have a harder time of convincing his lady to stay as opposed to a high-profile entertainer? What does this say about those women? Do you champion them or chastise them?

Disclaimer: I am not an advocate of cheating

ashanti foolish2

Was Ashanti foolish? Construction yeah?

Henry and Karen Hill

Particularly in the 90s and early 2000’s Hip Hop had this fascination of referencing the Mob.  The above scene in Ashanti’s “Foolish” is a reference from the mob classic “Goodfellas.” Henry Hill had his wife Karen and his goomah “Janice Rossi.” He explained how the Copacobana had separate nights for wives and goomahs (mistresses).

We all know what transpired. She didn’t leave.

Is this because he was a young rich smooth faced gangster who could intimidate people due to his connections with La Cosa Nostra? Was he simply fulfilling a “rite of passage” by being affiliated to the mob where the rules set out one requires a goomah? With that in mind in the film Karen once famously asked for money to go shopping. How did she achieve that request? Ahh, let’s move on!

Or would you aim the steel and push his wig back?

Bill and Hillary Clinton

I did not want to be bate and jump straight into this one, although it is the featured image. Bill Clinton was getting UCK in the Oval Office. Graphically, we all know what happened to that infamous black dress. The President of the United States of America. The leader of the free world. The most powerful man in the world. All this and he succumbed to an intern. Damn Bill – what about Hillary?

We all know what transpired. She didnt leave.

She stood by her man. I mean marriage is “for better for worse” so why wouldn’t she? Did it help that he was the President? Being at the pinnacle of politics may have eased the pain.


Bill Clinton’s biggest mistake – or was it? What did he lose?

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

On behalf of all the hood donnies – “nigga what was you thinking?” Chris Rock was right. Vanessa Bryant is a “HOT TAMALE out this motherfucker.” With my modest basketball knowledge even I know Kobe is one of the games greats. He travelled to Colorado and engaged in adultery with a basic bitch. Now if Kobe was flipping burgers back in his hometown of Philly would Vanessa stay? Well, let’s keep it real he wouldn’t even know Vanessa. Ambition brings opportunities.

We all know what transpired. She didnt leave.

Was she wrong for doing this? Did the fact that Kobe was alleged to be worth “$150Ms” soften her pain? Or by standing by her man did she prove that she was indeed with him “when he was shooting in the gym.”


Was it unconditional love that mended this situation? Or a cheque? Allegedly

The Science…

Research was carried out by Professor Lammers using an anonymous internet surgery of 1561 adults. Power was defined as top tier positions for Professionals. Lawyers, Doctors etc etc. The study revealed TWO main outcomes.

Firstly, being powerful was associated with confidence in the survey. The amount of confidence had a strong association with unfaithfulness. Makes sense.

Secondly, amongst powerful people gender made NO DIFFERENCE between past digressions and participants desire to cheat.

Do I think cheating is wrong – absolutely.

Do I think I’m powerful and confident? No and Yes, respectively.

That is why the “strong association” stops.

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