Is It Okay to Say That We Are Great People?

Here at Imperious entertainment, we endorse a certain type of individual. And that type of individual is someone who doesn’t shy away from basking in greatness. Now of course, great people come in different shapes and forms and I hope everyone reading this believes in their own brand, but of course we all know we all cannot be great people; some of us will ultimately have to hold the man’s coach bags when they become heavy.

Example’s of some great people

Now, I will use some examples of great people from the world of celebrity. Granted, the guys I mention are not everyone’s favourite, but it’s all for the sake of entertainment.

John Terry. Serial scumbag. Well that’s the angle the MEEDIA like to portray when they get bored of pushing him as England’s next big white hope.



If you aren’t a football follower, then you might be unaware that John Terry is a former England captain and Chelsea FC’s talismanic captain. He definitely is familiar with scandal including stepping outside of his marriage to fornicate with his pal’s life partners. He also ALLEGEDLY lets the N bomb fly on occasion but this is all ALLEGED (Imperious entertainment does not want any problems in the court of law until we open the Imperious law firm which currently is not in the pipeline).

At one point, his current form was questioned by pundit and ex player Robbie Savage. John said he was happy to take criticism from other greats of the game but in terms of Robbie, he had this to say:

“”When certain other people speak, maybe not, maybe I don’t like listening and taking it on the chin. When players have not had a career, have played at a really bad level throughout their career and come for people who have achieved what I have achieved in the game. Robbie Savage being one”.

Robbie played at the highest level in England about 350 times which is good, but his trophy cabinet is real bleak and his name does not ring bells across the continent. John received some flak for putting down Robbie in this way but my respect level grew for him. Unfortunately, sometimes being humble is not a shield for chumps who express overinflated opinions in a way that tries to reduce the distance in success between you and this chump. If you have put the work in and you want to flash a pink pinky ring for the paparazzi, go for it playboy, you are an established artist.



Kanye and Kim? Great People?

I’ve observed that the ‘pop your collar’ mentality is only really accepted in wrestling, boxing, rap music and politics. As we know hip hop is slowly taking over the world and so is Kanye West’s ego.  Kanye West is a musical phenomenon, and that is hard to argue with whether you like hip hop music or not. He FULLY believes in himself, and whether that this is the driving force behind his success, or the by-product of it, is based on perception.  A lot of people have come out and said Kanye expressed thoughts of grandeur way before he was a name in music. Who knows, maybe he will be the next Walt Disney.


The new Walt Disney.

During his  ‘Tweef’ with Wiz Khalifa, Kanye went to town after he believed Wiz was challenging his greatness.

best ever tweet

He believes he is the best to ever make music. I mean, music IS subjective.

skinny tweet



Kanye believes he has also has the best female that has ever been wifed also.

We are all great people!

My closing point is this, if you believe you have stripes in one or multiple lanes, then it would be wrong to limit yourself based on what people’s opinions might be. There is a difference between being humble and flat out lying about your greatness. If you have greatness in your genotype, then that should be expressed in your phenotype. I may have to copyright that line.


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