Gucci Mane (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) Enormous REVIEW

Newly wed Gucci Mane has been doing Enormous things in the Rap game for a decade – PAUSE! That is the name of the latest single off his album Mr Davis. This sultry banger features hook and melody King, Ty Dolla $ign. Once again Ty impresses with his melodic range, which ignites the high octane flame of Enormous. Guwop’s latest album was released 13th October 2017 and it is currently in rotation in the Imperious Entertainment HQ. Gucci’s output is unmatched in Hip Hop having released 11 studio albums, 3 EP’s and 70 mixtapes. God-damn!

Gucci Mane’s Queen – Keyshia Ka’oir

Guwop did well to lock down this dime piece!

Enormous Official Audio

Enormous is produced by a three man team that consists of in-house OG Parker, TM88 and Rex Kudo. They did their due diligence on this one to create a vibe. The song describes the lavishness that Gucci is prepared to bestow on his significant other. Both Guwop and Ty Dolla did their damn thing on this. Flow wise, verse 1 was outta here and the hook was magic.

It is refreshing to see the growth and evolution in Gucci Mane who used to entertain us with the coonery but that last jail stint eradicated the fuckery (it would seem). Famously, he once said that “none of my girls work” and by that he meant his two girlfriends. Now, he is a married man who is fully focused on getting to the bag so salute to a former savage.

Lyrics to Enormous 

This lady really is the truth, I’m givin’ props to you (you)
I love to fly you out the country just to shop with you (yeah)
She act like she a good girl, fuck like a prostitute (huh)
I’m actin’ like I’m good, but really I’m in hot pursuit (go)
I think that I’m so fly that I don’t have to lie to you (damn)
But you so fuckin’ gorgeous I’m not tryna flatter you (hot)
My sex game so aggressive, I’m just tryna splatter you
Your booty is enormous and my dick’s enormous too (huh)
You showed out last night, I had a good performance too (wow)
I’m so healthy and prepared, I work it like your trainer do (trainer)
My paper so enormous I am not a normal dude (no)
You so bad I’m thinkin’ ’bout it but don’t dine on normal food

Gucci was spitting sexually charged bars in Enormous as he was trying to engage a woman’s synapses and evoke some type of kundalini energy. That is a primal energy, which is located at the base of the spine and from the grease Gucci spit, that is the anatomy he was looking to penetrate.

Is this the grease that you are spraying? Sexting – Kicking game by way of SMS



This shit is fire.

Enormous is yet another fire Hip Hop song in the year 2017, which may be the best year in the genre for making songs. Personally, I do not think it is the best generation of Hip Hop but it is far from whack.

Respect to Mr. Davis who has entered into marital bliss with his beautiful black Queen. Speaking of Enormous (Pause), the BOYs are working on moves of that description behind the scenes.

2018 is the year where we got outta here – remember where you heard that first!



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