Gyal-dem – Yxng Bane Rihanna REVIEW – More Afroswing

Yxng Bane, pronounced Young Bane, is an up and coming rapper from East London. Bane from the Custom House area is embracing the wave, which is Afroswing. This young don has teamed up with other artists in his genre like Kojo Funds on tunes such as Fine Wine. Kojo featured on Mabel – Finders Keepers

His latest tune is entitled Rihanna, which is a reference to the sex appeal of everyone’s favourite chick from Barbados. Rihanna is definitely a song for the gyal-dem (girls) as Bane says he will do a shorty the right way! Yxng Bane has been criticised in the YouTube comment section for caping for the chicks after initially making drill music, which is ‘street gangster’ shit.

Do you think drill music can get you that ass – by way of a cheque and on the charts?

Yxng Bane Rihanna Audio

Official Video

The official video to Rihanna dropped August 13th 2017 and is moving in the two weeks since publication. G-Frsh, a former artist, directed the music video.  From my recall of conversations when I was a “young yute” (kid) and confirmed by Google; G Frsh went to private school and later went on to achieve a degree from UCL in Economics. Now, I don’t know why you would want to be a rapper after that but salute to G-Frsh for channelling his intelligence into being a creative – just like us!

Yxng Bane’s Rihanna sees Bane day-dreaming over his love interest whilst being mainly reclined in a vehicle. Dude is harmonising down the end of the phone to his girl in a reclined position in a vehicle. This shorty proceeds to jump in the shower to presumably wash the sexual energy off her. The video concludes with Yxng Bane doing an LL Cool J and licking his lips in anticipation of what is about to ensue in the bedroom.

More Afroswing

The vibe of Yxng Bane Rihanna

Perhaps, as a man with African heritage I am subconsciously biased but common sense says this is the current wave. Non UK artists such as Drake embrace the sound Wizkid Come Closer

The current wave reflects in our content covering a number of UK artists such as Not3s Aladdin

Other artists have been covered in this genre such as J Hus Did You See

The biggest tune of the year was definitely African – French Montana ft Swae Lee Unforgettable

Admittedly, it may get repetitive but I would rather listen to this than Grime in 2017, respectfully!


What the F is a Wahala Rams?

Never did I think there would be a day where I was breaking down Nigerian terms for the mainstream listener. Wahala is a term meaning ‘trouble’ so in the context Yxng Bane will do this shorty good with no problem.

I said gimme your love
You know your bad like Rihanna
I’ll do you good no wahala
But I can’t promise forever
Oh na nah na..



Vibes wise I like Rihanna as it makes you want to slide up on a shorty and grab that. Ladies I am being polite on the roads with that explanation. Yxng Bane has left the struggle bars at home and is tapping into the sound that people want to hear according to its growing popularity.

Will we see a Rams Afroswing tune on King of London? If the money is right then I may display the motherland musically.

Rxms Bane




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